Working My Way Back: A Soundtrack for My Anger

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Regular readers of Carmen’s Blog know that I have struggled, like many women, to understand certain emotional events in my life where a certain man is involved. You know, some days, the anger and rage at how my life was turned out seem to have no place to go. Well, as I was winding down doing some writing last night, I was searching for some music to listen to as I wrote. Salsa? No. Tejano? Not at that moment. Old School? Menos. Banda? Y si! Jenni Rivera? Hell yes.

So as I start listening to la Jenni, and there I am saying ‘yup’, ‘y si!’, ‘para se te quite hijo de la ch#$%^&*’, and on and on and on. I realized that, as the music started, how very very angry I was STILL, and, how, with each song, that I was starting to get the rage out of my system.

Just needed some girl power motivation and someone to be badass and to sing my story, no liquor required when the truth hits you in the face. Say what you will about ‘La Diva de La Banda’, girl always told the truth and put it all out there. It’s a trip to hear your story out there — let’s me get my ‘coraje’ all out and shows me that I’m far from the only woman who has come face-to-face with a man who did not show me the respect that I should have demanded, to whom I gave a little of myself away every day thinking that this is ‘what you do’. Y para que? So that he could take it and stomp all over it…

A lot of these songs do put it all out there telling men off but they also do something else even more important: they offer women a road map to get a hold of themselves and their anger, to get up every day and live their lives, with or without a man, take care of themselves and their familias, recognize their mistakes and move the heck forward a como de lugar, that there are good peace-loving people out there…and, in the meantime, sometimes, a good song justs helps!


4 thoughts on “Working My Way Back: A Soundtrack for My Anger

  1. FYI I love to read your blogs..most of them I can really relate too…and others LMAO, giving my heart the laughter it needs…so thanks for sharing one of your many talents with so many of us..peace and blessings to you..

  2. gracias Carmen for putting into words my experience and reminding me that we are all in this together, whether male or female. loving ourselves is the most important thing we can do in our lives. it’s time to check out la jenny and sing about our experiences with her.

    1. Right on Peggy! Sometimes, it totally felt like I was the only one jodida y fregada LOL. I like to hear Jenni tell it because she was always working her way out of a mess/drama and would bounce back some kinna way. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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