Celebrating Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez

As the world celebrates Cesar Chavez, I realize that not enough words exist in my vocabulary to describe the impact that CESAR CHAVEZ has made in my world. The first Chicano hero for me, the shining example that I could do or accomplish anything that I wanted for myself because people like him blazed the trail with blood, sweat, and tears. He gave a voice to the ‘sleeping giant’ — we are finally waking up to a power that Cesar Chavez dreamed for us, gave us a priceless road map to continue his path of justice, to be proud of who we are as Latinos, to strive for a better world, and to say it and, more important, mean it when we say SI SE PUEDE!

Can’t wait until we have a National Cesar Chavez Day Holiday!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Cesar Chavez

  1. we forget about his amazing impact; thank u for the remind.  plus, i love the way u write carmen; very powerful.  feliz belated cesar chavez day!!  desgraciadamente, it ain’t celebrated here in the big PHX, but we find our own way of doen so.  have a great first day of abril!! 

  2. Jorge: Thanks for your comentario…I can honestly say, that after the first line of this entry, I felt as if my hands had a mind of their own, the words just poured out for like one intense minute! I had to look back to make sure that I really did write it LOL

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