Working HER Way Back: Go Mom!


Such a cool day for my parents yesterday, especially Mom. When I took this pic of them and looked back at it once again, I could see how far Mama had come in her recovery, how far she and Dad had come thru this mess, and it was a powerful feeling to know that, as a familia, we came thru this experience of almost losing Mom and we are still intact, still together. Gives me hope for the other journeys that I need to make for my life…

But my sister summed it up best, so here’s Kiki’s take on this pic of the folks:

“To all of you who have listened to me go on about my mother/father/family’s pain, here is why we continue on: it is for a day like this. They are now able to go out for short periods of time and enjoy themselves and look how GGGGGGOOOOOOOODDDD they look. This picture was taken in their front yard.

My father started to take care of the roses behind them FOR my mother and when they bloom he puts them in a vase for my mother next to her bed so that she can see them close up and smell them. My father also used to pick them and take them to her in the care home for almost a year I presume to bring her a little bit of “home” and hope and something for her to look forward to. Of course, the roses used to only reach their knees when Mom first came home about a year ago. Hopefully their relationship will blossom like the roses. Thank you all for your prayers always.” —Kiki

We remain blessed and, more important, we remain united as a family.


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