Working My Way Back: Aventada-ness in Full Effect


Looks like I may be, slowly be surely, getting out of this funk that I have been in for quite some time…it’s amazing what happens when you take the time to write down what you want goal-wize — one of mine was to REFOCUS and start getting my ish together versus bemoaning my sad state of affairs.

About a couple of hours ago, Inner Chingona started working it and, as I left my oficina, it was waaaay too hot to walk so I decided that it was the moment to start seriously studying for the State Interpreter Exam…

Had a working dinner, organized one of the many binders I have and chose 2 of the Simultaneous interpreting passages…all I could find was the vocabulary lists, not the actual passages, so as I ate, I studied the vocab for these exercises. Stopped at one of my offices (Starbucks), put the headphones on, started the exercises and had my voice recorder in one hand. First time, why lie? it was straight-up awful. But as I kept practicing and listening to my renditions, they started sounding less choppy, more concise, and, dare I say it? more confident.

Then it HITS me…during my entire time at SFSU, although I worked very hard to keep up and succeed in my Interpreting courses…the ONE thing that always got in my way, the ONE thing that never let me claim 100% victory was my lack of confidence. I’ll never forget my department head telling me that he knew that I knew the material, and that I had to tell myself, “yo soy chingona”, before I started each exercise, so that I could find my proverbial ‘huevos’, if you will, to make it happen.

Back to my studying tonight: I got one passage down on FIVE tries! Suerte? Milagro? Perserverancia? Huevos? Proof is on the tape that I did get the vocabulary down…sure I have about 100 more passages to review but, tonight, I do feel like I have turned a corner: that my sense going for it, my sense of ‘aventada-ness’ is coming back, so missed within this past year and so necessary for me to succeed as an Interpreter, Marketing Professional, Event Planner, and as a happier and confident woman. ‘Keep on keeping on’ is starting to take on a more positive meaning for me thanks to God, Jesus, La Virgen of G, Inner Chingona and me! Let’s hope that my sense of ‘aventadaness’ is here to stay!


One thought on “Working My Way Back: Aventada-ness in Full Effect

  1. Hey Carmen I know you have what it takes, and more.
    If you know me, you know I have always wanted to be old, verdad? Well I finally made it! People still say I don’t look it but what matters is they can’t deny 50 is OLD!
    While I say the number what I have come to find out what I really wanted was the life experience, the ability to say to folks, “yea, I know, been there” and mean it.
    You and I have lived a good life and we can say “been there, done that”. Is there more to live? You bet!! I’m getting ready for another 50 good years and I expect to have you right there so we can talk shit ala Betty White! Not that we don’t do that now, but imagine the tales, que no!?!

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