Working My Way Back: Renewal

I had been trying for one solid week to find the positive in all of my mess…FINALLY, it came to me:  after disaster comes renewal.  So much of the damaged stuff will have to be thrown out, lots of starting over from nothing, many days of me telling myself, “don’t look back” as certain people or things need too much repair to ever work the same again.  When you’re at the bottom, there is really only one way out, to move upward.

I’ve got a little more soul-searching left in me … but when I heard the word ‘renewal’ mentioned … it was as if a fog had lifted somewhat, that I could see a light at the end of this tunnel, that I could live my life moving forward instead of stopping in my tracks every 20 seconds!

Tips for getting ready to accept renewal in your life and to get your ‘mevalemadre’ attitude back:

In no particular order…

1. Give yourself time to mourn the loss of that person, place, or thing.
2. Take the time to throw out those people, places, situations, things that are no longer useful/supportive to you.
3. Do that “persignada” sign of the cross to your higher power before you start throwing things out so that you’re not tempted to ‘look back’ or, worse, ‘go back’ to any person, place or situation that no longer works for you.
4. Take a minute to do things that make you happy or hang with positive people who keep your spirits up!
5. Get up, put on that ‘colorete’ makeup, get dressed and show up for your life!
6. Watch your posture: straighten that back, head up, eyes forward…
7. Total cliché: but ‘un dia a la vez’ one day at a time!


2 thoughts on “Working My Way Back: Renewal

  1. saved 4 of ur blog entries and read them all at once; i like to give ur blogs undivided attention cuz i value what u have to say. soooooo happy that ur working ur way toward a healthier and more cognizant u for today. what i continue to “know” is that, como dices tu at the end of this entry, solamente tenemos hoy; right here right now. my daily goal is to live 10% in the past (cuz it’s good to remember those lessons that are relevant today); 10% in the future, porque life for me ain’t worth living unless u got dreams; and 80% in the present. i’ve bin using this numeric formula for many years now and it works for me. the key for any of us, i think, is to find a way of interpreting the human experience that works; demarcating the day’s activities in terms of how much time i give to any one activity genuinely works for me.

    u continue to work towards a model that works for u and it makes me happy to learn that ur doen ur best to stay present; to appreciate and value today cuz when all is sed and done, that is truly all any of us ever have. plus, we’re getting older (52 hear) and with all this wonderful life experience under our fajas, there should be some growth; some insight on how this “life journey” works. in my view, all this searching and growth and reorganization is EXACTLY what u need to be doen for ur personal growth. how we come to this self-examination varies from person to person, but if we’re “thinking” people, we will all eventually get there. growth and transition don’t always warrant extreme situations, but often times, it’s those extreme experiences that “motivate” us to seek out needed change.

    so u go comadre!! u tap that “chingona homegurl” in u and move forward cuz in reality, that’s all any of us can do—experience, learn and move forward with grace and excitement of what may come. i dig the journey, genuinely, but it makes sense to me to simply embrace the life we live and keep it if we diggit OR change it if we don’t. i REFUSE to be a tragic marica; a beat-down jotito with no joy in his heart— a miserable “f**k.” as long as the sun chines through my window, ima get my chunky-butt up and do the day baby!! cuz, again, what option do we have? to be miserable; sad; hateful; destructive? none of those work; i wanna count my blessings; do the sign of la cruz, como dices tu, and get on with it.

    stay strong and keep sharing with all of us cuz we all learn from it. thank u for the pix of the familia; i love seeing the growth and aging process for all of us—how fun is life, k no? still not crazy about gettin’ older, but u know, there r some wonderful freedoms that come with becoming a viejito, especially if u do it with joy and love in ur heart. keep sharing the fotos, eh? i dig sharing life. god bless y emailiamos de nuevo. te me cuidas, 2hrmno4life!!


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