Kindred Spirits or ‘Copionas’ Copy Cats?

LG is the youngest…I’m the oldest.   I can say that, many times, our relationship was complete ‘big sister, little sister’ and this big sis had little or no time for anything but her projects and things.  Yet Kiki, being the middle sis, always had to be the referee because LG and I were always ‘alegando’…Kiks would always tell us both “you shut up. and you shut up!” and remind us of just how alike we both were.   

I still don’t always see how much alike we are but then we do something like this…


This morning, I walked out to my Jeep for my makeup bag and, as I’m coming back inside the house, LG tells me, “wait, I have to show you something…” Girl breaks out the same exact clear makeup bag that I have – down to leaving the price tag on it LOL! This isn’t the first time we’ve had the same exact accessory, without the other knowing about it, and/or liked the same songs or clothes, etc. I could sit here and, think that I’m all that, and say that LG wants to be just like me but it’s so much the opposite — I’m always trying to be as cool and “in” as my little Sis is! We just laughed when we saw the identical bags before I ran for my camera!


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