Another Birthday…Another Blessing

As I’ve mentioned before, my Dad and I don’t mind celebrating birthdays so much…we just don’t like that getting older thing! I tend to use my birthday as the time to get back on track with what I need to do, what I’ve done, or haven’t done, and how I envision finishing up the remainder of 2013.

My first meetings in the morning were all about taking inventory and I had to smile … that was exactly where my head was at … taking stock of all of the drama from 2012 and how it, not only affected me, but changed me forever.

Sent pink and red roses to my parents and thanked them for “me”. Mike and Margaret Torres have always been in my corner my entire life. This is a HUGE blessing.

After what I had gone thru in 2012, I know that I am a different woman. The passage above says it all. Ready to ‘keep on keeping on’, ready to study like a madwoman for the next month in advance of my State Interpreter Exam, ready to work hard producing my first solo event, ready to be the best at my job, ready to enjoy spending time with familia and friends, ready to lose some more of this lonja by walking and working out, ready to remain positive, rid myself of negative situations and people and continue to count my blessings!

However, I am NEVER ready to see those ‘canas’ grey hairs on my head LOL so bring on my box of natural color!


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