Turning the Tables: OMG

Gotta love our ‘jefitos’! TURNING THE TABLES entries to my blog are fun stories about our experiences with and caring for our parents. Not only am I blessed to have both my parents around, I’m also blessed to have other members of the ‘old skool’ around to enjoy. When I heard my friend Rebecca tell me this story, you better know that I begged her to let me share it!


Rebecca decided to upgrade the familia’s cell phones … among those receiving a new phone was Rebecca’s mama Anita. Hope I remember the story correctly … basically, Anita tells Rebecca that, no, she will not be texting anyone, that she does not need to text. Well, with new phone in hand, Anita starts texting and sending pictures to Rebecca…aaaand, la que no iba textear/the one who would not text, responds to Rebecca’s text with the following…”OMG”

OMG! (Oh my God in text language) Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can become accustomed to social media? I love it! Love this pic of Anita taken in Santa Barbara a few days ago…

Now if I could only get my Mom and Dad to embrace ‘text-ology’ LOL


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