Zaz! Walking Into the Wall. A Day of YES or A Day of NO?


Recovering from a traumatic, emotional and complicated situation can run smooth some days, and, other days, you are going along living your life, even feeling hopeful, and then ZAZ! Something crazy happens and you are back to square one.

I had so much stolen from me during 2012:   peace of mind, confidence, money, personal items, my sanity, productivity, home, career(s), and dignity to name a few.  I spent the majority of this time on auto-pilot, just trying to make it through the day, while, one by one, these things were ripped off from me.

When I was able to start assimilating all that had happened to me, I straight-up went crazy with anger, fear, shame and sadness hitting me at once.   Somehow, someway, Inner Chingona made her appearance and I was able to have the nerve to do what I had to do to salvage what I could of my life and my career.

So today, I walked into the wall:  my credit/atm card was compromised, with a man completely emptying out my account and every penny I have.  You better know I was enraged and in tears!   This was, most def, ANOTHER test that I would have to endure.

After I calmed down and found enough spare change in the car to get me home, called the police, the DA, the bank, the stores where this hijodelachingada spent my hard-earned money, I sat for hours trying to get my hands around my thoughts.

Here’s what I discovered:  Yes, being robbed angers and aggravates me.  Yes, I have a right to be angry.  Yes, I got myself together so that I could deal with the bank and the authorities.   Yes, I had my back.  Yes, I stood up for myself.  Yes, I’m still alive.  Yes, I’m DONE acting like a victim.  Yes, I can sleep at night.  Yes, I will overcome this disappointment.     Yes, my spirit of ‘aventada-ness’ is coming back.  Yes, my ‘mevalemadre’ attitude is right there!   And, more important, NO, Mr. LadronThief, you do not win this time.



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