Eydie Gorme: Classic. RIP


Sad to hear about the passing of the great Eydie Gorme today.  Definitely one of the greatest vocalists ever … of another era, to some old-fashioned, to me completely classic.   For many years, I never knew that she sang in English — I knew her voice from listening to the “Amor” album that she recorded with El Trio Los Panchos.

I’ve said it many times, we Torres’ listened to our share of kiddie songs when we were little but not many.  The music we heard 24/7 was the music loved by our parents.  From a very young age, we have all known and appreciated all types of music.

Being that Dad is a ‘musico’ — an exceptional vocalist and guitar player — “musica de Trio’ was ALWAYS and still is played in our house.    Listening to dad’s Trios (you name it, he has it),  was like a school for us:  we learned Spanish, we learned how to sing depending on which voice fitted ours, we learned the classic Mexican boleros and songs, learned the importance of looking sharp while onstage and off.  I still marvel at the music that is made by 3 flawless voices and 3 guitars.

Mom’s influence on our musical education runs deep as well.  From her, we learned all of the standards, classics in English.  Nat King Cole, The Platters, Patsy Cline and more — we heard it and loved it too.   Same thing here – we learned how to speak and enunciate well in English, and were exposed to some of the greatest singers of our era.   We were also exposed to Eydie Gorme – a woman who was classy, who knew how to dress, how to act, how to be a lady…hmmmm…reminds me of Mama and I see a lot of this when I see Christy on stage too.

Imagine what went down when we first heard Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos?  One of Mom’s favorite singers and one of Dad’s trios?  It was such a classic pairing of talents and I had never heard a woman sing boleros with trio before.  Loved it because it gave a woman’s touch to these classic boleros, gave us girls a real part to sing in these songs, and these renditions by Eydie and Los Panchos have totally stood the test of time — they are classic, classic, classic.  I especially love hearing my Mom sing these songs — lots of people don’t hear her sing but she’s got a good voice!

Poor Mama, we kids completely WORE out her “Amor” album,  playing it over and over and over, we knew the order of songs, and many of these songs word for word.   We did see her in concert with Mom some years ago and it was great – especially when she broke out the songs ‘en espanol’.

To this day, I still have her music in my collection and, believe me, I still love to sing her parts of the songs although I am nowhere near the singer she was.   Great thing about great music:  it is timeless and it lives on forever — I don’t think you will find a combination of artists who fit so perfectly as Eydie Gorme did with Trio Los Panchos they oooooozed class – perfect gentlemen and a great lady.

So blessed that my parents have always allowed us to learn about and appreciate music and how to present ourselves as well whether on a stage or not … one only has to look at Eydie Gorme and Los Panchos – they were the whole package.  RIP Eydie Gorme.

Enjoy some of the classic boleros by Eydie Gorme y Trio Los Panchos – tried to find ones with lyrics ‘para que aprendan’.





4 thoughts on “Eydie Gorme: Classic. RIP

  1. Believe it or not, I never knew Eydie Gorme sang in Spanish until recently! My parents always had the old vinyl LPs of Steve and Eydie. I am a classical vocalist who has also been taught to perform in a variety of styles. I plan to listen to all of Eydie’s Spanish repertoire and learn her songs. My guitar accompanist is married to a Mexican woman and plays boleros rancheros very well.

    I pride myself on having learned Spanish at the age of 39 and always say that I am an “entire package,” By this I mean that the music and the Spanish go together. What better example to follow than that of Eydie Gorme?

    BTW I was hooked by your “inner chingona” line!

    1. THANKS for visiting my blog! You will have a blast learning Eydie’s Spanish songs and I know that you will sing them better than I do – although my steering wheel loves the way I sing LOL. ‘Inner Chingona’ is rarely wrong; even though I may not recognize it right away.

  2. love her!! didn’t know she wuz a hasidic jew (sp?). apparently this group of jewish folk had their place of origin in parts of what is now spain. she had a beautiful voice; loved her werk con el trio los panchos. also, didn’t know she’d been married to her hubby for so long… nice. thanks for sharing; espero k todo siga bien. emailiamos de nuevo, me.


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