Inner Chingona + Milestone + No Te Rajes = Temblando as I plan my first SOLO event

2013 silhoutte jump new year

When I saw this picture, it hit me that I am determined.  Determined to put one foot in front of the other.  Determined to make things happen in 2013.  Determined to fulfill one of my life goals as long as I can remember:  putting on my own event.

It feels like I’ve been planning events my entire life.   While there is always a crew behind you, the real event planners will often say that, at the end of the day, when others are kicking back, partying,  or sleeping, that they are working it, crunching numbers, putting plans together, making and updating ‘to-do’ lists, putting ideas down for making the event better, writing that last email, making that last phone call…I totally relate to this and do some of my best creative work when I’m alone in my office, in front of my laptop, or in my Jeep as I drive — blasting music helps me envision how an event will be.

The difference between my entire life and right now is that I always had someone else’s resources and money to guide me along the planning process…I was forever submitting budgets, hoping to get that ok, and then cussing under my breath when I had to reduce the budget for some reason or another.   I learned how to make things happen one way or another and my goal has always been to have everything run smoothly…I’ve got a bunch of letters and emails giving me my props for ‘an event well-done’, for making it all appear easy…

Fast forward to today:  my first solo event ever will take place in a matter of days…so here I sit on a Sunday afternoon:  working it, updating my ‘to-do’ list, trying to find ways to make the event work better, sending out email, making phone calls and, of course, blasting musica LOL   In fact, I know that it’s getting close because I’m being constantly interrupted today to tend to the details!   It’s kind of scary albeit exciting to know that this is ME putting this event together – on my own -on my dime –  no huge budget – no real safety net.


I have to say, that, for the most part, things are progressing as they should … from dealing with the venue to getting commercials produced and placed — just trying to find the motivation needed for the final stretch to get the word out, to get the word out, to get the word out.   I’m also laughing at myself when the ‘diva’ in me comes out when I have to do things like get flyers out there — you see, I had people to do this for me in my former life LOL    So I’m most def out of practice!

Making this milestone happen will do wonders for me as I will be able to say that I rose to the challenge, started, and FINISHED one of my life goals.   I’m already learning so much  more about putting events together which is always a huge plus and it will be fun to see how people react on the day of the event!   I’ll get the boost of self-esteem that I need to eventually move into my next goal of producing events full-time.   Just need to keep on keepin’ on and work the details every day with Inner Chingona aaaaaand PRAY that people show up and that I have perfect festival weather:  which, in case you didn’t know, is 88 degrees and sunny!

‘A rajarse a su rancho!”  as my BFF says…there’s no turning back now.



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