Working My Way Back: The Numbers Game


You should keep your number…you should change your number…you should worry about your number…you shouldn’t worry about your number…you should watch that number…you should watch for that number…you should, you shouldn’t, you should, you shouldn’t…your numbers are off…your numbers are right on…you live by the numbers…you die by the numbers…

I’m so not a numbers person.  Yet it feels like I’m surrounded by ‘puros numeros’!     After having to change phone numbers, address numbers, office numbers, and, after needing to keep a list of all kinds of numbers for all kinds of reasons;  I am determined NOT to let numbers get to me anymore, I will keep the numbers that I have for as long as I want to keep them, I will change numbers when I determine the time is right to make more changes.

So it’s all about embracing numbers:  be it paying bills, going thru budgets and projections, dialing numbers, and looking at phone numbers…or take it one step further:  to stop counting the number of times that I fall down and count the number of times I pick myself up!



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