Unleashing Your Inner Chingona: Me? A Blogger?


I am always being asked how to start a blog, there are so many blogging sites now and I chose this particular one because it is very easy to navigate and to get started.  I didn’t want the technical stuff to get in the way of my creative flow.   Once I get going writing, I can go on and on for hours!   The writing part is the fun part, it gets a little harder to learn how to get others to visit your blog once you get it going…I really like this article courtesy of my colegas at LatinaBloggersConnect:


The key ingredient to successful blogging is exposure and expansion. One must be open and willing to trying new things, test it out and see if it would be a good fit for you/your brand.

At this point should have a social presence somewhere and making it work for you.  It is crucial to use the social tools that go in line with your message and you will find success.

If you are looking to make your presence known in the social space or are wondering why you are not making more of an impact in the space, these five reasons may be why.


You are nowhere to be found. It is not enough to have accounts on various social channels if you are not using them. If you want people to learn more about you, you need to be present and involved in the conversations going on in the social space.

You aren’t where you should be. If you are serious about blogging, there is no reason for you not to be active on social media. Twitter, FB, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. You need to provide a place for people to learn more about you/your brand. Create an effective social media footprint by being present

You don’t share the love. One way virtual relationships will get you nowhere. Visit blogs, FB pages, G+ pages and contribute to the conversation.

You don’t share other people’s content/links. It is okay to share the content of others on your social channels. It is the entire reason why social media exists. Share the latest trends, links, etc from your favorite blogs and news sites. Get people to trust your opinion, become a resource.

You think others are going to ‘steal’ your ideas. I have said this time and time again, there is no such thing as competition in this space. Sharing a niche is the only thing you and a fellow blogger have in common. Your views, opinions, etc. are different from that of everyone else.  At the end of the blogging day, keeping tabs on what others are doing is not going to bring you the success you are looking for.


For me, blogging is incredibly fun and it is something that I “have” to do … once I get into a writing groove, I can go for hours and hours writing and I have my list of places where I can really get into writing…I need a sturdy table, good natural light, headphones, music, and a little bit of noise and I’m good to go!    Blogging, however, takes passion and commitment to gain you the following that you want…so as author Deborah Santana says, “get off your a#% and write”! and get it out there for the world to see and enjoy!


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