Opinion: No Latino children’s literature in annual book list – again

One big travesty…we have got to support literacy with our little ones and it is so important and motivating for them to see themselves and to truly relate when reading…Latino authors can never give up because our stories need to be told. Major major fail NY Times, una tras otra con esta gente  –Carmen

NBC Latino

Last week, The New York Times released their list of Notable Children’s Books of 2013. And once again, they failed to include a single title written by or about Latinos. In fact, in the last 10 years only one book featuring a Latino protagonist and written by a Latino author – Marcelo in the Real World written by Francisco X. Stork in 2009 – has been included in the annual list.

Over 52 million Latinos live in the United States. Isn’t it odd that not even one title that might reflect a portion of this growing demographic is included? This exclusion certainly isn’t for a lack of books. This year, dozens of children’s books reflecting the diversity of the Latino culture have been published.

In response to The New York Times’ exclusive list, Latinas for Latino Lit (L4LL) – of which I am a co-founder – published our own

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