The Third Time was NOT the Charm…Celebrating Round 4


The months of anticipation are over.  When I saw the envelope in my mail, I did a quick prayer asking God, Jesus and the Virgen of G to help me accept whatever the results were for my State Interpreter Exam.  Upon opening the envelope, my eyes went right to the scores and I was able to see that, again, that I did not pass Phase II of this exam.  

I did what I always do on the major things in my life:  called Mama.   After I cried for a minute with my Mom, I realized that, ya que, I would have to break out the notes, the cds, and get back into study mode.    I then looked at the scores and saw that I was 5 points or less from passing on all four parts – this always drives me crazy that I’m “almost there” but like Mama says, “it’s not your time yet”.

I looked back to the time that I was studying for this exam and realized that there were some very major personal and family issues going on as well as a management shakeup at work … then I thought to myself, ‘if I could focus and study under all of this mess, then I didn’t do all that bad, did I?’

Sometimes Inner Chingona gets on my last nerve LOL   Why?  As much as I try to be negative about setbacks in my life, I always seem to get in touch with Inner Chingona, who tells me “don’t be sonsatontapendeja,  you have 5 more minutes to cry and then you’ve got to get yourself together and try again!”  Which is so what I did. 

So this time:  I will work out my study plan from now to exam time and NOTHING will get in my way.  I studied for this exam thru pinche duress, stress, and every kind of obstacle thrown my way the first half of this year  … THIS time, thankfully, I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve lived in relative peace and stability through the second half of 2013.   The only thing I’ve got to stay out of is my own way and to DO the work, do my best, and not disappoint myself.   ‘La tercera NO fue la vencida’  … so for Round 4, it’s got to work SMARTER to be able to go the distance! Y no me ahuito!



4 thoughts on “The Third Time was NOT the Charm…Celebrating Round 4

  1. think it’s pretty amazing that u were able to do so well given the challenges of that time. u know whatcha gotta do hermana, so u’ll do it. isssolll very simple, we do our best/our part and leave the rest to god/allah/buddah/the universe/fate or simply time. i truly believe we “influence/direct” how we live so do what u want and/or need to do.

    keep having fun y abrazo fuerte to u and ALL ur loved ones. feliz holiday season!! hermnos4life!! jorge.

  2. LOVE this comment from my friend and classmate UBA sent to my email address:

    Hi Carmen, I hope that aside from the results of the test all is well with you and your family. I, like yourself and many others failed the oral exam, but given my efforts, perseverance and personality, I figured that at the end of the day it is only a consortium; a money making machine that has to fail a high percentage of the applicants otherwise they would not be profitable, therefore, we can only continue to persevere so that we can conquer and at the end of the day we will be richer for it, because we will end up doing what we love the most; enriching ourselves and helping others.

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