Inner Chingona: Is it Writer’s Block or Living Life?


Writer’s block.   How crazy does this make me?  In this past month, it hasn’t been so much writer’s block as it has been listening to others.  While listening to others can indeed be beneficial at times, it can also hinder my inspiration.  

I had been told that what I express through my blogs and that how I live life are not always an exact fit.  While I do not completely agree with that analogy, as writing doesn’t always have to mirror one’s real life.  I do think that, in order to retain authenticity in your writing, that, from time to time,a break is needed to evaluate what is put out onto a blog, therefore, for the world to see.  So much has been happening in my life that I’m not ready to share with the world, I guess.

It’s all about catching up with life, gaining that insight that showing up for life can give you, what parts of your life are destined for the ‘basura’ and which parts are worth keeping.   I guess I had been hit on all sides:  emotionally, financially, professionally, personally — that I’ve just now started to catch my breath.  Being that I’m such a Type A and want everything settled ‘pero YA’, I’m surprised at how patient I have become with the growth process.  I seem to keep saying, “it’s not time” for one thing or another.  But it’s not a desperate feeling anymore…it’s like I finally feel the process working.  Where it may seem like no progress has been made, I see and feel a tremendous amount of positive progress being made in my life.   That, and I’m so over the drama that has consumed me for the past couple of years.

The great thing is that I’m finally living a life … instead of always looking for safety, running for cover, hiding.  Perhaps, it is by living life, that I’ll be able to let my Inner Chingona out, find interesting things to write about and share via my writing.   Looking forward to the day when my Inner Chingona will stop telling me, ‘it’s not time yet’ to ‘OK, now go for it!’