Milestone Day: My Published Article



Love Milestone Days!  Got to my folks house last Friday and was pleasantly surprised to see that my article was published!   It’s always fun to see a dream realized and my parents were beyond proud of me, which is also very cool.  This article was an excerpt from a past blog entry on the joys of being Trilingual!   The article can be seen at  or you can read my blog entry below in Spanish, English and Spanglish…hope you like it!

Spanish Sunday Nights: Soy Trilingue


Soy Trilingüe:  Hablo en ingles, español, y en Spanglish!


Ahora que estoy estudiando, de nuevo, para tomar el examen Estatal para Interpretes, me la paso aprendiendo nuevas palabras y me pongo a pensar en el momento que comencé a hablar en español…bueno, disque en español porque fue una mezcla “mocho” tratando de buscar la manera de sonar natural, que mi vocabulario fuera fluido, donde no tendría que pensar en lo que quería decir…

Al escucharme hablar hoy en día,  a mucha gente le parece increíble que, en mi casa, no nos crecimos hablando en español – fue puro ingles.   Y bien me acuerdo, que de vez en cuando, algún familiar me diría algo como “porque no sabes hablar en español?”   A mí me daba mucha vergüenza – y no porque mis papas no nos hablaron en español sino porque yo quería aprender a hablar bien.   Estoy eternamente agradecida con mi Mama Margaret Torres – siempre nos hablo y nos enseno la gramática correcta en ingles y nosotros los 5 siempre hemos podido hablar y escribir muy muy bien en ingles.  Creo que fue a los 13 años que decidí aventarme a la lumbre y hablar en español, saliera como saliera.


Mi Tío Pascual (q.e.p.d.) fue el #1 en darme “carria” por mi manera particular de hablar en español.  Una vez estábamos en una fiesta familiar y me dijo, “si tanto sabes de español, entonces deletréame la palabra ‘Tzintzuntzan’ y lo hice perfectamente!  También me atreví a decirle que yo iba a aprender a hablar el español un día y que si quería ‘bailar’ conmigo, que aprendiera a hablar en ingles!   Me cerré los ojos esperando que me reganara o  algo así, pero no, simplemente se rio y nunca jamás me volvió a decir nada al respecto.  Pero si contaba la historia de “Tzintzuntzan” de vez en cuando con una sonrisa!

Como hubiera querido poder haber conversado mas con mi abuela, Ma’Lupita, sin duda la mujer más chistosa y única que he conocido en mi vida.  Porque yo SE que nos hubiéramos divertido mucho – ella con sus locuras y yo aprendiendo y riéndome.    Cuando sentí que ya estaba aprendiendo a hablar más español, ella ya estaba enferma del cáncer y, para la gran tristeza de todo el Rancho, falleció.

Más de una persona me ha dicho que tengo un buen sentido de humor y que se chismear y contar historias muy bien ya sea en ingles o en español.   El hecho de que pueda hacerlo en español se lo debo a mi papa, Mike Torres, a mi Mama Lupita, todos mis tíos del Rancho y una que otra persona quien nos llego de visita de Michoacán con su manera de hablar tan divertido y singular!  


Si tengo que hacerlo, puedo conversar inteligentemente completamente en español o en ingles;  pero a mí me encanta hablar en mi idioma principal, Spanglish, una mezcla de las dos!  Mucha gente dice que no es idioma oficial, que esto es hablar ‘mocho’, que no sabemos hablar ni una ni la otra, pero no es así:  es un producto de los dos mundos donde siempre he vivido y me siento en casa dondequiera que este!


ENGLISH TRANSLATION:  I’m Trilingual:  I speak Spanish, English, and Spanglish!

Now that I’m studying, again, for the State Interpreter Exam, I am constantly learning new words and it got me thinking to the time where I started to speak in Spanish…well, it wasn’t really Spanish as much as it was a mixture that everyone would call “mocho”, I was trying to find the way to sound natural, trying to find a way that my vocabulary would be fluid and natural, where I didn’t have to think about what I wanted to say, that I would just be able to say it.


When people hear me speak Spanish today, they think that it’s incredible that we did not grow up speaking in Spanish – English was spoken at home.  And I remember that more than one family member would tell me, “why don’t you speak Spanish?”   I would get really embarrassed, but not for the reason that you would think, not because my parents didn’t speak to us in Spanish but because the Type A in me wanted to learn to speak well.   I’m eternally grateful to my Mom Margaret Torres – she always spoke to us and taught us her correct, flawless, English grammar thus the 5 of us were always able to speak, read, and write very very well in English.  I think that I was around 13 or so when I decided to go for it and learn how speak Spanish, and speak no matter how it came out.


My Tio Pascual (RIP) was the number 1 person who teased me constantly about my way of speaking in Spanish!  I remember we were at a Ranch party one time and he starts up, he tells me, “if you’re so good in Spanish, then spell this word for me, “Tzintzuntzan”; which I did, and perfectly!  So then I got all bold and told him that I was going to speak really good Spanish one day and that if he wanted to make it a fair fight, that he should learn how to speak English!  Man I closed my eyes just waiting for him to go off on me but, to my surprise, he just started laughing and he never teased me again although he did bring up the ‘Tzintzuntzan’ incident up from time to time with a smile on his face!


How I wish that I could have been able to talk more with my grandmother, Ma’Lupita, who remains by far the most unique and funniest woman I have ever met.  Because I so KNOW that we would have had a blast – she with her hilarious self and me laughing and learning.  When I felt that I was learning how to really speak in Spanish, she was already sick with cancer and, to the Ranch’s great sadness still, she passed away.


More than one person has told me that I have a good sense of humor and that I can tell stories and do the gossip thing really well whether in English or in Spanish.  The fact that I can do it at all is because of my Dad Mike Torres, to Mama Lupita, all of the aunts/uncles on the Ranch, and random folks who would visit from Michoacán with their fun and unique way of expressing themselves!  


Now if I HAVE to do it, I can converse intelligently in English or in Spanish; but my favorite mode of expression is in what I consider my primary language, Spanglish, a mixture of both.  Lots of people go crazy saying that it is not an official language, that it is a bastardization of the language, “mocho” if you will, that we cannot speak one language or the other, but it is not like that:  it is a product of the two worlds where I have always lived in and that has allowed me to be at home wherever I am.

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Hashtaggeando Inner Chingona Style


Lately, I’ve seen a hashtagging craze on social media.   The hashtags range from straight-up boring to downright hilarious.  I noticed that some of my hashtags always seem to get a reaction out of people, especially the ones in Spanish or, better yet, the ones in Spanglish.

Here’s a definition of a hashtag in case you don’t know what one is:

hash·tag ˈhaSHtag/
noun.  (on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.

I went onto my social media sites and took out some of the random entries including hashtags that always get a reaction and a lot of LOLs from folks.  Hashtags are like having the last word, or giving your statement a punchline, a word or group of words made to get a ‘boom!’ reaction and that relates to what you’ve just posted.  Some folks tend to go overboard with the hashtags, in my opinion.  The shorter, the more down-to-earth, the more real, the better.

disposable coffee cup close

Take this morning for example, I had to get into meetings this morning, bought a medium coffee, and was still extremely drowsy as I drove into the office which got me to thinking the following:

“This café is not helping wake me this AM. If I find out that “el mac donal” gave me DECAF at this hour, va a haber bronca, it will be ON. #TooEarlyForFregaderas

Because, yes, it was too early for fregaderas!


carmen hair flying


While I do own a hair dryer and straightener, I’m a huge fan of opening all four windows of my Jeep and driving on the freeway to dry and, better yet, straighten my hair.

“My favorite hair dryer and straightener. #estilorancho



Just last week, I wanted to put my room in order as our Ita would be coming over and staying in my room.   I put everything onto the bed and started working through that ‘montonal’ of clothes, books, and junk.  At about midnight, I was ready to toss everything:

“OMG only I would decide to spring clean at night! Kiki came to see how I was and I flipped my middle finger at this mess! LOL. I say I should just throw it all out!#QuienMeManda



Ya’ll know that I’m on the eternal quest to stick to an exercize plan…I love walking outside and, while walking in a park, one is bound to find folks walking their dogs.  One night last week, it seemed as if all of the huge horse-sized dogs were out and I always get nervous around dogs, especially big ones:

“Had to cut my walk short — too many very large dogs — while I wish dogs no harm, ya’ll KNOW I’m not a dog person. El colmo: a dog tamaño horse was sniffing my bottom as I walked, that was it. #EstasNalgasSonMias


Another day, it happened to be very hot as I walked:

“Good workout but oh so hot – if I could get away with it, I’d drive home in my chones LOL. It’s all about turn the música up and drive home with all windows down.#NoLonjaZone

I love checking out other people’s hashtags, some of the more hilarious ones are by comedian George Lopez, too funny!  My favorite one of his is #CalzonesTodosCagados – I laughed so hard at  that hashtag that I completely forgot what the actual post was about.  I’m been trying to get over writer’s block and MADE myself write about something tonight – just to get back to writing.  Maybe this ‘hashtaggeando’ thing just might do the trick and get me back to my regular writing schedule!  #DejaDeFlojerasCarmen