Time Management Inner Chingona Style: Getting Me Back on My Personal Track

images (5)Check out my horoscope for today:

Hi Carmen! Here is your Daily WorkScope for Tuesday, August 26

You’ll be easily distracted now, so breaking everything down into little steps is crucial. Set goals you can actually achieve, and don’t let frustration diminish your focus.

Sometimes, these things hit it right in between my eyes. Yesterday, Inner Chingona had to set me straight. A fuerzas you might say, while I was laying on a hospital bed, and told me that it was time to get my ish together, that it was not by chance that I had not been feeling well, that I had a lot to do with why I was stopped in my tracks. So, laying there toda enferma/ill, I started to think of what needed to happen. And Inner Chingona was not going to make it easy either, I had to come up with something to start ASAP for the next month.

Today, I continued my talk with God, Jesus and the Virgen of G to help get me back on track. These days always coincide when I don’t feel good physically. When I’m down physically, even with a cold, it is always a sign that, if nothing else, I’m moving too fast in most or all areas of my life. Today, as Inner Chingona gave it a break LOL, things were much more soothing, so I was able to think more clearly.

I took time to break out some short-term goals that I want to reach within the next month, my 3rd Quarter Tune Up if you will. While it’s unrealistic that I completely stop all that I do, it’s time to be smarter about it.  Time to disconnect from some of the distractions that are driving me crazy and catching up with my productivity.


In no particular order:

1. Take a break from Social Media. I’m such a chismosa and love to see what’s happening but it should not be at the expense of my health, my time or my responsibilities.
2. Make time to get my health back on track, including taking the time to sleep and rest.
3. List and actually finish the projects that I’ve started.
4. Kill the distractions that do not allow me to get thru my goals/day be they people,projects,  ideas and straight-up pendejadas.
5. Don’t worry about long-term goals for this month, concentrate on finishing what you start this month, that way, you’ll have time to accommodate the rest of your ‘to-do’ list.

It’s all about shutting my mouth, pulling my sleeves up, and working my 30-Day List.  Looking forward to getting thru the month working it smarter, not harder.


What are your Top 5 ways to get yourself back on track?

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