Inner Chingona sez Ya Duermete…Go to Sleep!



It’s very late.  I need to be up early in the AM.  Yet, I’m up feeling restless, worried,  and stressed out.  Even though my butt knows that I cannot control everything in my world, you better know I’ve been sitting here trying to find a way to do just that.   A late meeting did not go my way and, in fact, I am still going over and over how it went down in my mind.   My lil worries are starting to overwhelm me.

As I’m sitting here online, I come across this one-line prayer and it’s all about “ZAZ!”, exactly what I needed to see!  I finally start to settle down.  It’s amazing how this one line is helping Inner Chingona comfort this woman and, most important, to get her power back.  Sometimes a conversation with God, Jesus and the Virgen of G is all you need.   Mama is always right.


Lord, thank you for granting me the wisdom to make tough calls and the faith to trust that with you I am safe. Amen!


2 thoughts on “Inner Chingona sez Ya Duermete…Go to Sleep!

  1. Carmen, I always find that after reading what you post, give me an inner comfort and for me to be more stronger for me!, I admire you, for the person you are, I thank god for you because you always send me something to think about everyday life. I always say we” we don’t do what we want too, we do what we have too, it sounds crazy but i’am not selfish with myself, and may be I need to be a real bitch for me. we will see, thank you my famila sister.

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