What? Que QUE? … To Wave or Not Wave The Flag


There are ways to get your point across and be understood in a professional and respectful way.  And then…there is the SonsaTontaPendeja way…

HAD to post this video of Southern California Realtor Tressy Capps, gotta give it to her, she totally went there, she’s pretty brave to go up to a random household in the barrio to tell them how she feels as she asks them to take down the Mexican flag. More power to the woman in the house…who, in her broken English, tries to tell this lost soul that, not only does she have the Mexican flag in the yard, that she also has an American flag.  Both women, most def, brought out their Inner Chingona, albeit misguided on the part of Ms. Capps.

This is a ‘What?QueQUE?‘ moment if there ever was one. Do you wonder why la Tressy is now in hiding?  At least she says “thank you” after she insults this woman in her home, that’s something.  Jeez…

See it for yourself:



7 thoughts on “What? Que QUE? … To Wave or Not Wave The Flag

  1. Tressy Capps is no “poor soul.” She is an agenda-driven, publicity hound, female who appears to be running for public office. This looks to be her second try, after failing in 2010. She is a realtor for a national company. It is said that she has been fired. And she SHOULD be in hiding, after taping a woman in her own home. Capps told the poor resident off IN HER OWN HOME, chiding her for flying a Mexican flag. Capps posted video on Internet. It was abruptly removed. But @PochoDotCom captured it. And now it is being viewed by all.
    Capps is not “brave.” She is brazen.

      1. Hey Carmen, Thanks for doing this Blog, specifically for this post. I was on shock when I saw the video. Its really unbelievable that there is still people like this Capps. Actually, she pretends to be educated and professional, but what she demonstrate that she is una estupida ignorante. Even the Mexican women knows that the best she can do here in USA is to show her orgullo Mexicano, but as well as her respect for this our country USA. Because she specifically tell this ignorant Capps, that she have as well as the Mexican FLAG, the USA flag on the other side of her yard. Me siento orgulloso de tener sangre Mexicana, aunque haya nacido en USA y tambien me siento orgulloso de esto. Saludos.

  2. no vales v#%^@ pa escribir “viejas chingonas” eso que la doña se defendio como cualquiera lo haiga hecho vato o vieja es su casa, y la loca no es chingona porque esta loca eso no es tener “huevos” …jajaja a dejen su sueño guajiro feministas…hasta cuando?

  3. Hi,
    you can report the video to youtube.com for abuse: I just did it… I am from Chile and I have a chilean flag on my car!….

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