Inner Chingona y Mis 24 Horas of Whatever: The Power of “Me” Days

I just realized that today was the first day in 3 years that I have been completely alone in a house.   I’ve spent the last 3 years helping care for Mama (and Dad to an extent). During the past few months, I was here more and more, so this house has always had someone in it at ALL times.

Didn’t know what to do first, what had I NOT done for the past three years?  Everything had been put on hold.  No regrets though…I was able to be there for Mama and that is the most important thing I have ever done.   There is such a void in my life now that Mama is gone, as I’m sure exists with other members of my familia.

So I actually walked around ‘sin rumbo’ for a minute, not knowing what I should do, how I should spend my time.  Finally I decided that, today, I would have a Sunday like I used to have back in the day when I didn’t have to be there for anyone, when I didn’t have to work an event, when I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do.   The last time I was completely alone in a house was in my little place in  Pleasanton, and on days like these, I usually did not even speak for an entire day — so this actually was great for me today as I am still trying to get over the flu.


Today, I did a whole lot of whatever in a girl house LOL, In no particular order:

Did NOT close the door when I went to the bathroom.

Threw myself on the couch alternating between watching TV and sleeping

Did NOT put on a bra ALL day,

Left the heater off ALL day.

Opened ALL of the windows.

Did my laundry.

Kept work and projects out of my mind (not easy).

Made no calls or emails

Cleaned a little


Oh how I’ve missed my “me” days!  These types of days have always been important because I am totally myself and they get me thinking about plans that I’ve made in my head, future plans that have not yet been realized.  I have just not had enough of these “me” days during these 3 years so I still feel overwhelmed with where to start as I create my 2015.

One thing I do know:

Today was a perfect Inner Chingona Day.   “Me” days are essential to my busy life … I’ve got to find time, without guilt, to take this time for myself.     Looking forward to my next 24 hours of whatever…what works it for you? what brings you your power back?  what clears your head?  DO it.



One thought on “Inner Chingona y Mis 24 Horas of Whatever: The Power of “Me” Days

  1. I read your inner chingona blog, wow that was very well written and well thought out, I to know what it is like to care for someone so much when they are ill, and you feel kind of lost within yourself, because we are always doing things for others and not ourselves, well my day of caring for others are over too, I pray that god gives you strength every day that you have, stay close to your daddy, remember his heart is broken too! hugs and many hugs my dear famila sister, take care of yourself, and I mean it ok love you sis , Delia

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