QueQUE? Do-It-Yourself Projects Dad-Style


Since Mama’s passing, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Daddy.  He and I do pretty good as roommates, he’s hilarious and we’ve always gotten along plus this Daddy’s girl makes sure he eats and stuff like that.  Part of me is afraid to leave him alone so that HE doesn’t leave us too;  the other part of me is really trying to let go a little bit because I tend to be checking up on him constantly, which I KNOW drives him crazy.  When he tells us, “hijos, I need my space!”  I soooo get it because I’m exactly the same way.

My dad always has little projects he’s working on and I would just jump all over his case with ‘why did you do this?” and “why did you do that?” until my sister sat me down and reminded me, “it’s HIS house”.    So when I get to the house, I usually just look and bite my tongue most days thankful that he’s keeping busy and out of trouble LOL

But LAST night, I get in, walk into the kitchen, and see one of his inventions and my first instinct is “whaaaat?” and I start freaking out.  Well Daddy has decided to make a ‘tendedero’, an indoor clothesline.   My Dad cracks me up, he starts telling me about his “herrero” (blacksmith/welder) and what the man says every time he sees my dad, “ay Mike, OTRA VEZ con tus inventos!”.   My Dad found stuff lying around outside to make this contraption which is like a rod where you can hang stuff with a hanger.   My parents never liked having a dryer in the house and we’ve hung the laundry on the clothesline like forever and as Daddy says, “mija, it’s winter!”    Once I checked it out with the laundry hung on it, it actually was pretty cool…and much better than having the laundry all over the furniture and chairs to dry.

I am always telling Dad, “OMG, que diria mi madre?/what would Mama say?” but, the truth is,  he has a good spirit and a good heart and always tried to make things easier for Mama when she was here.  So in a way, he’s trying to make things easier for us 5 too.  All I could do was text my siblings in disbelief for the ‘tendedero’ and say a huge prayer of thanks that I still have my crazyfunny Dad around!


One thought on “QueQUE? Do-It-Yourself Projects Dad-Style

  1. love it!! talk about minimizing ur “foot print” on the planet…he’s clearly got the right idea and has used this approach for as long as he’s been ur dad. i do the same carmen; i LOOK for ways to maximize use of use of natural resources without depleting them–u cannot deplete heat generated by the sun and used to dry clothes. so good for mr. torres; imaginate if we had more folks who thought the way he does? we’d all use what we need, but in a way that utilizes existing, sustainable resources—yaaayyy for the planeta!!

    cuidate manita and keep having fun with ur papi; nothing like being engaged with ur own life; ur own interests. good place to be… amigos4life!!

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