Calmate! Inner Chingona and Cursing While Driving


As I was driving to work this morning, I was turning into my exit at the office and the car in front of me is practically stopped, so what do I do?  do I honk the horn? No.  Do I slam the brakes? No need, thank God.  Do I scream out the following?  “Muevete pendeja!”  Yes!  (Like she could really hear me LOL).   Other times, I can be heard pleading, “come on let me in let me in let me in“,  screaming out questions like, “y ‘hora ca—–?,  or commands like, “move move MOVE”,  or when someone gives me a look, you better know I’m screaming,  “y tu, que miras ca—-?“, “a ver a que horas?” or “toma!“, add in whatever curse words you’d like, English or Spanish.   It’s not all about road rage, I can be courteous too, “thanks babe!” is what I scream out when a car is nice and lets me into the lane, especially in traffic.

According to a recent survey by, Women behind the wheel curse more than men do.  Men are more apt to honk the horn than to curse – really?   Women are just more honest, and fewer men admit that they do swear!

Here are the five things most likely to make us swear:

#1.)  The GPS:  55% of people who use one say they’ve sworn at it.

#2.)  Getting cut off by another driver.

#3.)  People who don’t use their turn signal when turning or changing lanes.

#4.)  People who talk on their mobile/cell phone while driving.

#5.)  Someone driving slow in the fast lane.  This is the only thing that men were more likely to swear at than women.  15% of men mentioned it, while only 7% of women did.

The survey also states that, aside from cursing, that women are more likely than men to commit this act:  darles el dedo AKA flipping people off, extending their middle finger!  WHO knew?  All I know is that either of the two are great stress relievers for me.

middle finger

I will continue to work on driving safely as I have been told that I’m a crazy driver, I cannot promise today that I will not let out a mala palabra or two nor can I promise to keep my fingers on the wheel.   Safety first.


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