My Bolsa — a Teething Ring?


I’ve always loved purses and have a bunch of them.  We are also blessed with new babies in the fam whom are teething I think.  What does my ‘bolsa’ have to do with our bebitas you ask?


black purse

I was at one of my houses and I saw our lil Bebita O, the cutest tiniest thing.  She seems too little to be teething but I noticed she was trying to bite her hand.  She wasn’t hungry because we had just fed her.  Her big black eyes saw my purse and it looked like she was trying to grab it – but she’s so little, she didn’t really know how.  So I put the handle of the purse near her hands and she was trying to bite it.    So this Nina Carmen lets her BITE the handle and bite she did for quite a while.  When I would try to take it out of her mouth, she’d give me this look that said “what’s up?”.   Her little tears after I gave her back to her Mama made me want to leave the purse there so that she could keep biting LOL.

Our babies are the joy of our familia and we are going to have a very fun year with our 3 (and # 4 on the way) bebitos!


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