Milestone Day: 16 Belonged to Me Today



Love Milestone Days:  My journey to passing the State Exam begins again!   Part 1 to the State Interpreter Exam is 0ver and done now I move on to Part 2.  The studying paid off.  I totally felt my mom’s presence during the Exam, especially during the grammar part as no one had English grammar down like Margaret.

Love that 95 score and all of the support and love is great too!  Total motivation for me to get back into study-mode to pass Part 2 of the State Interpreter Exam!  I must close this circle eso si!


2 thoughts on “Milestone Day: 16 Belonged to Me Today

  1. awesome carmen!!  k si se puede, k no?  juss gotta keep doen what u do, especially if u feel it in ur heart!  i CANNOT even imagine having to actually study at this point in my life; it would not be easy for me, but i’d do it if i had to.  k dios te cuide and keep ur mama close!  hrmnos4life!

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