Profesor Musico: Tribute to Daddy on Father’s Day


I love to read, I love to write, I love honoring my familia. I was able to do all three this week.

One of my very favorite authors is Victor Villaseñor. I have thoroughly enjoyed his books like “Rain of Gold”, “Burro Genius” and “Thirteen Senses”, among others. His books are culturally rich, hilarious, sad, poignant, and he interweaves familia through this stories. I related so much to some of the characters and stories in his books.

So when I read that Mr. Villaseñor was giving his Facebook FamFriends the opportunity to ‘honor los gran hombres de nuestro presente y el pasado on ‪#‎consejosdemipadre‘.  I jumped at the chance to submit an entry.  I was crazy-excited for this man to read anything that I wrote and hoped my entry would be chosen.  The entry with the most ‘likes’ receives an autographed copy of one of Mr. Villaseñor’s books.

I had gotten so busy with my day that I forgot to check until a few minutes ago. I’m very excited to present my tribute to my Dad Mike Torres. It’s well past 1am and – you know us Torres, we are still up at this hour.  I ran to read it to my Dad, who LOVED it by the way.

Tributes are best when done “en vida. Below is what appeared on Mr. Villaseñor social media pages…my entry…enjoy and Feliz Día del Padre!

Victor Villaseñor
June 18 at 8:46am

From Carmen Torres to her father Mike Torres.

Dad n Boys Classic

“My father has always shown us, by example, how to embrace the beauty of our Mexican culture. Mike Torres is a musician, a professor of Spanish and Music, and a hilarious folklorist.

A founder of the Mike Torres Band, he taught my siblings how to play in the band by saying, ‘síganme/just follow me’ and now we have generations of accomplished musicians in our family. “Maestro Torres” also teaches a Friday Night Guitar class in our living room for young students, some of which include his great-grandchildren. It’s awesome to see these kids having fun learning Mexican music and, at this writing, are working on “Las Mañanitas” and “La Bamba”.

A true folklorist, once when I was venting about having to discipline my crew, he told me to act like a boss and to be like Pancho Villa, who hated anyone else to give his soldiers orders, “solo YO para reganar a mis muchachitos’. A very funny way to tell me ‘no te dejes mija‘. Very blessed to have MIKE TORRES con vida y con salud, he will be 80 on July 27.”

You have until Sunday 6/21/2015 to ‘like’ my entry on Victor Villaseñor’s FB and social media pages 🙂  Love that folks love my Dad’s tribute…

Victor Villasenor’s photo.
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Inner Chingona Says Walk Don’t Run…Yet



After Mama passed away, my first doctor’s visit was sobering to say the least. My health was in shambles. Not enough sleep, eating all of the wrong stuff at the wrong times, stress, stress and more stress.

I had a follow-up check up yesterday and was very happy (as was my doctor) that my health had improved by leaps and bounds. I leave the doctor’s office feeling like I was all that and decided to go for my walk for the day. I’ve been trying to walk four days a week and I’ve been pretty good at keeping it going for a few weeks.

I always walk and watch the folks who are also walking/running. I always thought to myself, “I’ll never be able to run this park, never.” Well ON THIS DAY, I decided to try to run. Here I go, all motivated, and, after a few steps,  I thought my legs were going to start on fire!  I barely made it running one block.

So I decided that I would run-walk. I walked more than I ran but it really felt like I had accomplished something huge — a goal that I did not look for, that I did not know that I wanted to try. It felt like I was getting to my goal of losing weight and reducing my ‘lonja’ a lot faster if I were to run vs. walk. I felt, dare I say it, invigorated. Just the thought that I actually got out of my comfort zone to run opened my mind 300%!

I’ll be doing the run-walk for a while and hopefully, I will get used to the burning legs, doing that huffing and puffing thing all out of breath, and sweating sweating sweating.  Also looking forward to taking this ‘lonja’ out once and for all.

My sense of ‘aventada-ness’ had been gone for such a long time, it is great to see it coming back in a lot of areas in my life.