Inner Chingona Says Walk Don’t Run…Yet



After Mama passed away, my first doctor’s visit was sobering to say the least. My health was in shambles. Not enough sleep, eating all of the wrong stuff at the wrong times, stress, stress and more stress.

I had a follow-up check up yesterday and was very happy (as was my doctor) that my health had improved by leaps and bounds. I leave the doctor’s office feeling like I was all that and decided to go for my walk for the day. I’ve been trying to walk four days a week and I’ve been pretty good at keeping it going for a few weeks.

I always walk and watch the folks who are also walking/running. I always thought to myself, “I’ll never be able to run this park, never.” Well ON THIS DAY, I decided to try to run. Here I go, all motivated, and, after a few steps,  I thought my legs were going to start on fire!  I barely made it running one block.

So I decided that I would run-walk. I walked more than I ran but it really felt like I had accomplished something huge — a goal that I did not look for, that I did not know that I wanted to try. It felt like I was getting to my goal of losing weight and reducing my ‘lonja’ a lot faster if I were to run vs. walk. I felt, dare I say it, invigorated. Just the thought that I actually got out of my comfort zone to run opened my mind 300%!

I’ll be doing the run-walk for a while and hopefully, I will get used to the burning legs, doing that huffing and puffing thing all out of breath, and sweating sweating sweating.  Also looking forward to taking this ‘lonja’ out once and for all.

My sense of ‘aventada-ness’ had been gone for such a long time, it is great to see it coming back in a lot of areas in my life.



4 thoughts on “Inner Chingona Says Walk Don’t Run…Yet

  1. Dear Carmen:

    I am so proud of you and to hear that you are doing well
    (I would say better than well). Take care.

    Con carino.

    Anita C

  2. I’m so happy to hear that you are looking out for numero1! I recently discover, like really understood what an amazing organism our bodies are. One day I’m sitting craving a big piece of cake. Then out of nowhere I “see” how are digestive system process nutrients. I became aware of how we crave junk through our eyes, which the digestive system sees as non-nutritious. Because the body does not know what to do with it, it resorts to storing it for a rainy day, in the form of fat. Once I completely understood that process, I have been trying to eat as organic and clean as possible, and I feel clear minded and energetic. Keep up the good work muchacha! I support the vision of a healthy Carmen! Much love and light 😀

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