Day 1 of 15 Days of Hispanic Heritage Photo Challenge: Yo/Me #HHM15Foto


I’ve been participating in a fun challenge “15 Days of Hispanic Heritage Photo Challenge”  Love celebrating my cultura and let’s see if I make it thru the 15 days!

Day 1:  Yo/Me

Random shots of me:  1.  At Copper Mountain, Colorado standing on top of a small mountain of snow after “Ski Fiesta” – I really loved living in my Mile High City.   2.  In the Bay, doing what I do, this was at one of the many events at Guadalupe Park in San Jose.  3.  Me, de bebita, I don’t like too many pics of myself that little, but this one has me in the famous red and white dress on my first birthday. My familia says that my face hasn’t changed…if only I could be that young LOL.   4.  Me, taken a few months ago in Sacramento, on the way to an appointment, workin’ it. #HHM15Foto


10553531_10203770090586760_3843220879941672550_n - Copy11204936_10205682128066502_22801766779808953_n - Copy


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