Day 3 of 15 Days of Hispanic Heritage Photo Challenge: Amigos/Friends


I’m blessed to have some great friends.  Starting with my main BFFs the Torres5, my brothers and sisters.  I’ve got good friends all over the place and there are a few who have been with me forever.  We have seen each other through everything, my fam friends, my familia by choice. ‪#‎HHM15Foto‬


Jorge and I have known each other since junior high and he’s always been my big brother.  My Comadre and Nisie became my family when we first moved out together back in the day, they helped me to not feel so scared of everything all of the time and we grew up a lil more during our time in Sac.  Love love love them.


Angie and I met while we were at Delta College in Stockton and girl drove me around when I got into a car accident and couldn’t drive for months LOL.   How many concerts have we been to?  Lost count.

12043225_10206076900615569_140148614908739356_n 12043051_10206076901335587_1130390684973905035_n 12009581_10206076901735597_1908211180434048134_n

Lisa, Mel, and Maria and I all met while at Sac State:   Maria and I met at a campus mixer when I saw her fuchsia silk dress and had to ask her where she got it.   Mel and I met in the Spanish Department and he went to class more than I did LOL so I was always asking him for notes.  Lisa and I met at a MEChA meeting and she became famous (or infamous?) for the ‘Bra Story’.  There are too many stories to fit on one blog post for all of the crazyfunny things that we have experienced…that will fill an entire book.


Samuelaguilar and I met at the very first staff meeting that I had with a new crew and they all showed up to resign.  By the time he came up to tell me he was going to resign, I had had it with all of the resignations and told him that he had to give me a 2-week notice!  Since then, we’ve put on some awesome events eso si.

The one thing that all of these fam friends have in common is that, once we became friends, it was like we had known each other forever and, no matter how much time passes that we don’t hang out or see each other, it’s like we saw each other yesterday.  We talk, joke, laugh, cry, gossip, get attitude adjustments and the most trusted advice.  Most of my fam friends know each other too.  They are all friends with my entire family, not just me — and my familia tells me that I am happiest when I’m around these people.


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