Day 4 of 15 Days Of Hispanic Heritage Photo Challenge: Hogar/Home #HHM15Foto


The most comforting place I know, where it all starts and ends, for me is THE RANCH. Everywhere I turn, I see familia, everywhere I look I’m reminded of those who are no longer with us, to go down the line and know that a parent is in every house, it’s great! Every single important moment of my life has been celebrated or grieved here. There is no place like home.  Pic above show Ma Lupita’s nopales/cactus.   ‪#‎HHM15Foto‬



The road down the the Ranch with the 5mph speed limit sign that most people do respect although I went thru the Ranch so fast one time that dust was flying and there was a Ranch party going on in Tio Mundo/Tia Elvira’s yard and I remember one of my cousins, either Pete or Chapo, yelling, “orale Trixi” for Trixi from the cartoon from Speed Racer LOL.


Our casita which, when I took the picture, was the only house on the Ranch with lights on at some late hour.  I was leaving Mama and Daddy for the night and smiled thinking all was right with the world.  Fast forward to now and, at this hour (2am), all doors open, lights on, the band just got in from a gig, Dad’s asleep and Mama is at her new home in the sky and all is still right with the world.


Dad’s ‘tomates‘… love it that he grows tomatoes and chile and, during the summer, we never have to buy them at the store.  This year we have tomatoes in all sizes and Daddy still picks the little cherry tomatoes and says, ‘your Mama liked these ones’.


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