Day 5 of 15 Days of Hispanic Heritage Photo Challenge: Celebraciones/Celebrations #HHM15Foto


I have often said that I have been an event planner my entire life which l learned how to do by coordinating celebrations for my familia, no easy task people LOL. There is nothing more stressful because I want to get it right for them always and there is nothing more satisfying to see us happy and together and I am convinced that a family who prays and celebrates together, stays together!  The pic above is from Daddy’s 80th Birthday celebration a few weeks ago.


The Mike Torres Band New Year’s Eve Gala ringing in 2015!  Decorations were in Mama’s favorite color PINK as it was our first without her.

mom day 2011

One of our Ranch Mother’s Day celebrations from a couple of years ago…we had gotten up at the crack of dawn to serenade all of the Moms on the Ranch … or was this the time we did Las Mananitas for their birthdays?


Our Stephen celebrating his graduation from SFSU in 2014 with his soul mate Mama and Nina Chris and Stephen I photobombing.  This was a happy day.


A few weeks ago, Sabrina left the Ranch for the US Army and the Hernandez Fam planned a fun and emotional send off for our girl.  Sabrina is the lil one in the middle.


One of my favorite pictures ever!  Our Ranch Halloween/Dia de Los Muertos Celebration from a couple of years ago…a very fun day and hoping that this year’s event will be a good one too!


We celebrated our Ita as she turned 70 at her other home in Yuba City a few years back…I remember we all went on the MTB bus and it was so fun to be with our other Mom and our Yuba familia.


Very hard to top this day 11-11-11, the day Mike and Margaret turned 50.  We wanted to give them the best party ever and I think we achieved our goal – love love love our parents.


Our Ranch Christmas is legendary and we’ve done it since like forever.  I love how happy Tia Becky gets every year. We do a Christmas play with the kids, Dad and the fam sing Las Posadas, there are tamales and a huge Nacimiento (Nativity) and, of course, “Santa”

I have literally thousands of pictures from all of the celebrations and I treasure them all!  Make time to celebrate the important events and people in your life!


One thought on “Day 5 of 15 Days of Hispanic Heritage Photo Challenge: Celebraciones/Celebrations #HHM15Foto

  1. comadre, just want u to know that i LOVE ur 15 days of hispanic heritage foto chalenge!!  i love all the pix!!  they totally celebrate every single stage of life; ALL the significant people in our lives and the joys that can come with a “connected” familia community. 

    ur papi looks soooooo good carmen; that is sooooo awesome that he continues to find his way without his wifey in the physical world.  he’s a wonderful example for all of us in how it’s important to honor the life u build with ur partner (wifey/hubby) and with god by living a good life when ur loved one is not by our side.  i truly believe u can continue to love ur partner; to have them in ur daily life after they are in the spiritual world.  so keep sharing ur life with the rest of us because u symbolize what latino familia life can be for all of us. 

    i tell u gurl, i would have loved to have a “ranchito” where all of us could have been raised; it’s soooo awesome cuz u can be of service to each other and share life together.  i know that, even today, it is not out of the question that as we get older, we continue to have siblings gatherings even though we’re in different states.  indeed, i would love a space where we could house loved ones for a temporada and that they have they’re personal space so they could fully enjoy the shared time.  just had my oldest sister, isabel, over with her ex-partner of 26 years, and it was wonderful to see them spending quality time with us here in phx.  but what was the best for me was being able to show my appreciation for both of them in my home.  i’ve done some of this all along, but it was great to be able to do it in our older years where we can just take our time and celebrate each other–we will continue to do as long as we have health—both of them are in their mid 60s. 

    so yeah, keep doen what ur doen gurlfriend; so wonderful that ur keeping a record of the torres familia activities; new kiddy additions; and all the fun events from the rancho.  future gens will be very, very grateful to u carmen; that u took the  time to record—not always an easy task even though u love to document and write; it still takes effort.  cuidate my sister y emailiamos de nuevo.  abrazos fuerte, jorge. 

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