Day 9 of 15 Days Of Hispanic Heritage Photo Challenge: Familia/Family #HHM15Foto



Day 9 of 15DaysOfHispanicHeritage photos: Familia/Family.

Not enough words exist in the Spanish or English language to say how important familia is to me. My parents both lost a parent at a very young age, my paternal grandfather was gunned down in front of my father and my maternal grandmother died of cancer. Although it was traumatic for my parents both to lose a parent at a young age, it is beyond amazing that they were able to instill in us Torres5 the importance of staying together no matter what and that family is everything.


Both Mike and Margaret have told us how much we Torres5 are loved which is so important for a child to hear and know.  Above is a recent pic of Grandpa and Great-Grandpa Mike with some of his grand- and great-grandchildren.


Some of us at the Ranch celebrating Mother’s Day earlier this year!

1888744_10204099480901312_8767930624991095463_nSome of our Grijalva Fam celebrating at the Grijalva Girls Annual Christmas Reunion!


I also love that we grew up with our extended familia at the Ranch and that Mama made sure that we hung out with our Grijalva fam as well. Now we have to keep the tradition going with the future generations of our family. No family is perfect and not all is perfect but all is most def right in the world when all is right with familia. #HHM15Foto


Below please find The Fabulous 5 of our Ranch, the rocks of our family!  Tia Elvira (Tio Mundo RIP), Tia Lili, Dad, Tia Becky, Tia Chayo, and Tio Freddy.



Below is the future of our familia…the littlest Torres babies:  Lucia, Olivia, Yesenia, and King!  Love our bebitos!

11998978_10103287059683137_6282077028509231180_n 11988704_10206013799958092_1478096680264907650_n 11800601_10205780575767633_4202606082042406303_n 12002985_951805118214418_8097439683319841855_n


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