Day 15 of Hispanic Heritage Month Photo Challenge: Tomorrow/Mañana #HHM15Foto



As I submit this final entry for the Hispanic Heritage Month Photo Challenge, it is the anniversary of my Grandmother’s passing. I remember that I was on my very first cross-country road trip when I got the news from my familia that she had died; and SHE used to tell me how she used to drive cross-country alone back in the 40s and 50s so Grandma was on my mind during that first trip.

It was exciting and a little scary and I had a blast driving 90mph thru parts of the way and stopped at every rest stop so that I could see parts of our great country, I saw some beautiful scenery along the way.


So for tomorrow/mañana, I would like to plan another cross-country road trip or something similar that will recharge and energize my creative, fun, and aventada self!

This attitude always worked for me in the past and it’s time to bring it back, front and center, to all areas of my life! It’s time to see the world from another window. I’m on it starting mañana! Thanks for letting me have fun with this Photo Challenge in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, photos are Mexican toys featuring ways to travel, horse, cart, car! #HHM15Foto



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