My New Gig: Daddy’s Editor


Check out Dad above, he’s reading me excerpts from his thesis on Mexican music.   After much cajoling (and straight-up begging),  Dad finally let me start writing and recording his many, many, many backstories about famous Mexican songs, composers, and singers.  I put something together for him to check out and he loved it…so now I guess I am his editor LOL.

I remember that I had wanted to do this with Mama.  In fact, I had purchased a book of questions to start writing her story…did I write it?  Sadly, no.   I was wasting time and energy looking for that dumb book to guide me when I could have just sat down, turned a recorder on, and wrote away.   Now that Mama is gone, I figure that I would just write and stop worrying about having the perfect questions ready.

This will be a fun project as anything music-related is always a lot of fun for the Torres family … plus, Mike Torres knows so much about music and he has some hilarious chisme to go with all of this!  I figure that this will be a great memento for our familia and for his fans to know this side of him.   Let me tell you, he is INTO this now and I made him break out the post-it notes to mark the many topics that he wants me to write about.  It’s fun to see him so animated about the project and I am happy that I get to be the one to bring his stories to life — let’s hope I do him justice and get it right!



One thought on “My New Gig: Daddy’s Editor

  1. Carmen,

    that is so beautiful that you are making this precious time with your father regarding his music, I hope you will continue with what ever warms your heart deeply. I know it is hard to see your father without his mate your mother. everyday life is a struggle for many people out there today, who have lost there mothers i’am one of those children with my both parents gone I hope you continue writing ok. I enjoy what you post on your Blog I lover you my familia sister


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