Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias 2015!



What a difference a year makes…Last year all I could do was cry into my food that’s how painful it was to be without my mother. I completely lost my focus, my purpose, and have operated on auto-pilot for many, many months until just a few days ago. #MargaretLivesInMe and I am very thankful for my Dad, my siblings and our Ranch and Grijalva families. Our 17 #TorresBabies continue to bring us much pride and joy – and how much fun are we having watching our lil bebitos King, Yezi, Olivia, and Lucia do something new everyday? Keeping Mama’s traditions alive help me to stay connected to her and I’m thankful for God and for time, which has helped me heal, make my priorities crystal clear and pave the way for whatever comes next.

TAKE PICTURES with your loved ones during the holidays, you will never regret it. Happy Thanksgiving All!




One thought on “Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias 2015!

  1. hola carmen, happy “post” t-giving day!!  loved ur entry; very kind and uplifting words regarding familia and what u have overcome in terms of hardship.  hardships hurt; cause to feel the “void” in our daily lives, but the good news is we’re forced to reassess our lives and make the necessary changes.  very happy that today, ur in a better space and still appreciate what the world has to offer u right here and now.  i love my memories of my mom; to me she lives on in spirit-form and i continue to have a daily relationship with her, but for now, i can’t touch her soft, warm, “tortilla-scented” hands.  man!!, she made the best torts; now i make them for the kids and while not exactly like mom’s, they’re still good—we adjust. 

    cuidate y emailiamos de nuevo.  bro4life!!

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