2016 Resolutions: Making Time for Friends. The Power of Amigos


One of my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions has been to make time for my friends and to hang out with my friends a huevo LOL.   I’ve always known that I have been super-blessed to have these friends since my days at Sac State.  We have all kind of grown up together, some of us in the same major, some of us in clubs, some of us were roommates.  I will have to ask how it is that we met each other.  I swear that I don’t really remember the details of how I met all of these folks…this is how I know how important they are to me, it’s like we’ve known each other forever.

It never matters how long it has been since we have seen each other, or since we have last spoken to each other, the connection we have is a powerful one.

As I dragged myself out of bed this morning, I was barely feeling better from bronchitis, and I was already trying to figure out my excuse for not showing up LOL and then I thought, “these people have seen me at my best and, more important, at my worst”  so I pulled myself together and started for our designated meeting place.   I get to the place and some of them are already there doing what we all do best:  talking ish, smack, s%#@ as only we can do.

I was immediately comforted by this because I knew that I could be 100% myself, no taking care of anyone, no having to be anywhere I didn’t want to be, no pretense, no trying to impress anyone.  Is it the same for you when you get together with your BFFs?

Now the majority of my friends all became teachers and there are only very few of us who did not go that route.  I have the BEST time teasing these people mercilessly and was soooo happy that my only Communications major colega was present — if, for nothing else, to keep things lively and to talk about something else other than lesson plans (jus keedeen).

Lots of talking and laughing ensued for the next few hours and I remember that, while at Sac State, we were convinced that we could change the world!  Years and many reality checks later, we know that we may not be able to change the world but my friends are able to show me the power of friendship, unconditional love, support and yes, how much fun pendejadas can be!  My friends make me feel powerful enough to take on Monday at least!  I am positive that I will have something to laugh about until I see them again next time!

Make time to connect with your friends today…yeah yeah yeah life gets in the way but it’s always fun to reconnect and recharge!



Happy New Year 2016

feliz ano nuevo

Happy 2016! As I reflect upon this past year, I realize that it has all been about one thing: taking a step back to breathe.

Mama’s passing took it out of me in many ways and much of the year was spent dealing with the fact that she would not be here anymore and that I no longer had to caregive at the level I had done with my dad and siblings for the past few years. For many many weeks, I still woke up at every noise and every few minutes to “check” on Mama. I didn’t really know how to fill the hours when it was “my” day to take care of her.

Carmen was a woman who screamed and shouted for much of this time about how “I want my life back” and how all I did was live out of the boxes…so once I made the decision to STAY at the Ranch and take care of my dad and familia, I even shocked myself. Somewhere along the way, my priorities not only shifted, they completely changed.

My former life had no room for family, friends, or even me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my work and all of my activities and was shocked when this work could no longer sustain and motivate me. In my business, aside from knowing your stuff, you really have to have the drive to push yourself forward to work it, if you want to succeed. Anything less is not enough. I’m sure that it’s like this everywhere but broadcasting is different, the stakes always feel higher, it’s a very small world and the ups and downs in our industry are dramatic to say the least!
6 months into the year, I parted ways with my stations and, instead of feeling devastated, I felt a little bit of relief. I needed something and I needed to find out just what that was.

Now I realize that the past 6 months have been about taking care of me, something I haven’t really ever done. I’m finally listening to my mother and all of the times she used to tell me to take care of myself and to let others help me. This new attitude has made me much stronger emotionally and I make better decisions these days. Family is who is there for you when you cannot be there for yourself; the family foundation is what grounds you as you try to find your way.

There is no room in my life for negative drama; there is no room in my life for anyone who is out there trying to disrupt me by harassing my friends and family. I intend to keep moving forward from this madness that has nothing to do with me anymore and everything to do with how this person deals with, or doesn’t deal with life’s challenges. I can, and will, have my life on my terms, not on anyone else’s. It’s all about standing up for myself, my peace of mind and keeping the important stuff close to my heart and more private for now.

2016 will be about embracing the important things in life: hanging out with Daddy, being with my familia, enjoying all of the #TorresBabies, working out (we finally brought in the exercise bike LOL), getting back to church, being around positive people, situations, and projects in that order.

My wish for you in 2016 is that you find and embrace all that will make you laugh, make you happy, healthy, and successful.