April Writing Challenge Day 1

descargasocial media

APRIL WRITING CHALLENGE DAY 1: This writing challenge came at the right time, I’ve been in a writing funk lately…I’ve been trying to deal with my personal issues and, while I know that writing is cathartic for me, I’ve chosen not to make the time. That’s always a flashing red light for me that I’m not taking care of myself as I should. Here’s hoping that by May 1st, I’ll be back where I need to be, writing and, more important, finishing up all of the many many drafts that I’ve started! The daily topics will be random and I will try to keep them short LOL. Today’s topic:

Five Problems with Social Media.

In no particular order, here are my thoughts:
1 – People are losing the art of communication. Go into any room, wait on any train or bus, go into any restaurant, any home, any table, and chances are, you will see all people together but disconnected, all focused on their smartphones or tablets. It’s almost like no one is comfortable without looking onto a screen. I admit I’m guilty of this as well. However, I draw the line when there are little kids in my group or when I’m in an important meeting. I’ve always been pretty good at starting up conversations with anyone, anytime, and it’s more fun than looking at a screen.

2 – Spelling words correctly is no longer a priority. Some of the spelling and grammatical errors are embarrassing and it’s probably inevitable as lots of folks spell like if they were texting. What gets me is when people spell like that on important documents like resumes and business correspondence. Spell check is available on any/every social media and on every smartphone, laptop, PC. So many times, I find something really great that someone has said and I cannot bring myself to read, much less forward the message or picture after I find major spelling errors like UR, KE, KIERO, IMA, etc.

3 – Everything is done for a “like”. It’s kind of sad when I see things like this. When folks put things out there for attention, for a “like”. It’s like people are inventing another life, another identity on social media. In my view, there is no reason to put everything out there on social media, because not everyone is your real friend, not everyone has your best interest at heart. My family and real friends know the real me and we connect on another level besides just social media. So my social media experience is a small window into my life, my entire life is not for public consumption.

4 – Once something is placed online, it is there for eternity. Sadly, I have learned this the hard way. A person has consistently tried to embarrass, shame, humiliate, harass me via posts, pictures and messages on social media. It’s been 5 years now, wow, that I’ve had to monitor and report all of this mess. And then, every once in a while, something will turn up online again posted by this person and what can I say? What can I do? Nada. Just keep filing reports and keeping my head held high – not easy some days, but, eso si, I love being connected and will not be scared away again, and I will always be more careful.

5 – It is almost impossible to ‘turn off’.   Every night especially, if I don’t watch it, I can be online for hours thus losing sleep. When I’m on the road, I’m checking the darn thing constantly. This is where I need to do the most work: allowing my mind and body to rest on a consistent basis. I go through periods when I am off for days and days and then I’m back on 24/7. Being that I like my sleep, I’ll start putting my blackberry on vibrate and the sleep timer on the TV, let’s see how this works! Algo es algo.


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