April Writing Challenge Day 2: My First Memory


Today’s topic:

My First Memory.

The very first thing I remember was looking up at designs on a wall, but I was moving, or was it the wall moving? It felt kind of stuffy, and I wanted to be able to see and breathe. I could hear movement, footsteps, people talking, and other sounds that I couldn’t identify. It wasn’t dark, so I wasn’t scared. I don’t even remember being nervous, I just wanted to be able to see and breathe!

After what seemed like a very long time, I instantly felt the wall fall down, and felt fresh, cool air all around, my eyes squinted and struggled to focus, the colors were so bright: green grass, trees, bright blue skies, and there were a lot of people around, it was so loud too! I started to look around and I didn’t see anyone that I recognized, then I started to get scared and nervous and I could feel my eyes water and my breathing start to accelerate, and then I felt a strong hand around me and I looked up to see who it was…

Half crying, I saw her, then I started laughing too! It was Mama! She hugged me, held me tighter and, when I looked down, I saw the pink moving wall again, this time, Mama put it around me as she held me. I felt safe. I felt happy.

—the first paragraph is what I remember, I really did remember a pink wall, and it took me years to figure out what it was. I like to think that this is what happens when folks take the baby blanket off of the baby carrier or off of a baby’s head. We always want to protect babies from the elements, the sun, the wind, the cold, the heat and, ever since I can remember, I remember how it felt under that blanket…to this day, I don’t need more than one very thin blanket and, 9 times out of 10, arms and legs are not covered. LOL And you better know that I will be the first to uncover a baby and take that blanket off so they can breathe.




2 thoughts on “April Writing Challenge Day 2: My First Memory

  1. sweet story; amazing that u can remember experiences that early in ur life.  must be comforting to have those memories of ur mother—enjoy them.  bueno pues, have a wonderful saturday!  2bro.

    1. I only remembered the first paragraph and how it felt. The remainder of the story is what I like to think would have happened! I remember Mama always kept an eye out on us and on other kids.

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