Unleashing My Inner Chingona



Changing the look of my blog.   Let me know what you think of it, it’s a work in progress.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and, like a lot of writers, got stuck, got uninspired, lived life instead of writing about it.  When I looked back and realized that I hadn’t written in THREE months, that was a wake-up call for me.  Part of finding my Inner Chingona is in the writing, in finding the time to take care of myself, to love myself, to make time for events, to make time away from events, to make time to meet my many life goals, to stop listening to voices and opinions around me 24/7, and to find the huevos to listen to my inner chingona, myself, my gut.

So what gets me to that place?  That place that allows me to take care of myself without feeling guilty, without feeling like I owe my time, my nervous system, by body, my soul to anything or anyone?   I find that, more and more, these days, it’s the one place in this picture.  I do my best thinking in the car, the most creative ideas jump out at me when I’m watching the sunrise or the sunset, and I’ve been blessed to see soooo many at the wheel of my vehicle.

I practice presentations in my Jeep, I practice difficult conversations in my Jeep, I cry my eyes out in my Jeep, I make the majority of my phone calls in my Jeep, I pray the Rosary in my Jeep, I sing at the top of my lungs in my Jeep, I find my power in my Jeep, I find that I can actually hear my Inner Chingona in my Jeep.

This picture was taken at the end of a very successful event where I was hot, tired, covered with dust and dirt, happy happy happy that the event had gone well, proud that I had done a great job, and, as I watched the sun go down that day, I could feel my power slowing creeping back into my body and I was energize and ready for the next event.  I was again invincible.  This is my definition of a perfect end to a perfect day.

All pencils are sharpened, a journal is now with me 24/7 again so that I can get back into my 2 favorite things in life:  writing and unleashing for my Inner Chingona!


One thought on “Unleashing My Inner Chingona

  1. love the sunset; miss seeing actual trees on the horizon; i can just imagine their greenery and fullness in their leaves. 

    way happy to hear u continue to be as “devoted” to ur writing as ever; i think u provided wonderful; distinct information for all of us out here to read.  nice to get a different perspective; ur perspective. 

    como sigues de espiritu y corazon?  i continue to read my book, titled, Ask and it is Given authored by Esther and Jerry Hicks and continue to learn.  subject matter is spiritualism and how we “direct/influence” the daily activity of our lives.  common sense stuff, but i like to be “reminded” of what makes my life possible.  I find ur work to be alot like that; it’s stuff we all, somehow, carry with us, but reading it from ur perspective helps us understand what we already know. 

    hope u r well and continue to stay well.  me, i’m good; i’m human and i’m lovin’ what i continue to learn; it’s all about simply putting out that good energy and being open to receiving what we want in our lives.  ok hermana, te me cuidas y emailiamos de nuevo. ps.  oye, never got to respond to ur email regarding the joys and responsibilities experienced by ur beloved, stephan, but wanted u to know that i appreciated ur joy for him.  ur his tia/nina and thanks to familia like u, in our generation, stephan has an “equal” chance at a full and engaging life!!  all u gotta do is love him right and continue to be a support person for him and he’ll be just fine; even great!!  abrazos.

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