The Perfect Day For A Perfect Day



A perfect day for me is one that I haven’t had in a long while.

To sleep until I wake up.  To stay in my pj’s all day.  To speak to no one. To completely turn off the phone and social media.  To not drive anywhere UNLESS I want something for myself.  To lay around.  To cook one pan of something and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from whatever I create. To sleep.  To watch the way the light looks in my house in the early morning and to watch that light change throughout the day until night.

For many years, when I would have days like this, I would feel guilty for them, like as if I were doing something wrong or something that I wasn’t supposed to do.  Taking care of myself was never a priority UNTIL I made it a priority.

Once I made myself a priority, even for that one day, I found that I was able to think much more clearly, I was able to recharge and have more energy to fulfill my obligations and work on my list of goals.  It felt as if my mind would open up and I would be able to THINK. In short, my Inner Chingona was standing at attention, waiting for me to take advantage of the power that always resides inside of me and that the world can dull at times.

In this atmosphere of ‘standing in one’s truth’, this is where I find the power that I need to move myself and my goals forward.   Today is a perfect day for a perfect day.  It is the perfect gift for me to give to myself, and more important, to those around me like my family :).  By taking care of myself today, I will be much more approachable and open with my family, who sadly, gets the ‘lumbre’ that I breathe and let out when I’m in my stressed anxious impatient irritable state.   This is also a time for me to check myself on professional matters — am I happy?  am I doing my best work for the client? how can I be more productive? how can I work smarter, not harder?

Not all questions are answered in one day.  Not all issues are resolved in one day.  However, I am able to tackle these things a little at a time which allows me to keep on keeping on, to move myself forward, to learn how to smile, laugh, and live happier.  I also find that perfect days are great for inspiration for my writing, which I need and love.

So today, as I celebrate another year of life, sitting here in my pj’s, I will give myself the perfect day, it’s been time for a long time.

Do not be afraid of perfect days, embrace them, empower yourselves.


10553531_10203770090586760_3843220879941672550_n - Copy
Happy Birthday Carmen!  My very first birthday when all I needed was to be held, loved, and fed – perfect days, right?





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