Elections 2016: Hopeful or Hopeless?


Woke up. The sun is shining. The world did not end. Disappointed? Yes. Devastated? No. Hopeless.  No.  Hopeful.  Yes, especially for our lil ones.  Our history shows us that nothing worth changing comes easy. Determined? More than ever. Justice, fairness, and equality is worth the fight. This was not the time, but, make no mistake, quieran o no, the time will come.

All one has to do is turn on TV, Radio, or Social Media and the barrage of ‘whys’ are overwhelming.  Why did people do this?  Why didn’t people do that?  Why did this happen?  Why did you vote this way?  Why did you vote that way?  The way I see it, we all had a right to vote in this election, we all need to own our decision one way or another.  I’m glad that we live in a free country where we can safely think and vote however we want to do so.

One feeling has dragged me down during this entire election process:  the feeling that the “movement” was based on fear, racism, discrimination, sexism, and negativity.  I also had the feeling that the “movement” was a place where I would not be welcome, that the “movement” was angry that a person of color was running this country IN SPITE OF fear, racism, discrimination, sexism, and negativity.   The cultural divide of this country is real and I’ve never seen this anything this bad in my life.  I would love to say that it doesn’t exist and that the “movement” will be inclusive but the jury is still out on that one.

What the “movement” should know:

  1.  No one can hide racism, no matter how subtle.  This campaign was straight-up in-your-face racist and so many other things.   I will be watching to see how the “movement” embraces national unity eso si.
  2. The numbers do not lie.  No one will be able to stop the inevitable fact that this country is, increasingly, a country of color.   Latinos came out to vote this time around and, in some state precincts, the numbers were off the charts.  Latinos are younger, still having babies, many of our elders registered and were proud to cast their vote.  Latinos will need to keep organizing and stick together ESPECIALLY as the “movement” will make the road to progress and justice a very rough one.
  3. I have seen and worked with people who are misguided and very afraid of the changing colors of this country on BOTH sides.  The “movement” folk cannot handle the beauty of vibrant colors and, for the folks of color, it’s just another day.  For them, this is the way things have always been:  fear, racism, discrimination, sexism, and negativity rule the day.  The misguided approach usually involves name-calling and lashing out in negative ways which hurts everyone.  Change is scary.  I believe that there is some truth to Van Jones’ theory that this election was a “white-wash against a changing country” (video clip below).
  4. Latinos WORK it and do not give up nor do we give in easily.  We are completely accustomed to working from a disadvantage.  Therefore, we are completely adept at working our way out of ANY type of situation.  Throw it at us, we deal with it, we work it, especially if it will affect the lives of our families.  Resilience and stamina is something that the “movement” has yet to show me.

Is this a hopeless situation?  No.  A political tornado has hit.  As we go thru the mess, piece by piece, we will find our bearings, we will find that foundation and resilience that has served our parents, grandparents,and  antepasados so well, we will fight for our families and our community.  I remain inspired…inspired by the fact that raza got up and registered to vote and then they got up again, and, more importantly, VOTED.   I am hopeful that, while this was not the time nor the person to lead the fight for justice, equality, fair play, and positivity, that the time WILL come.  Our country will get it right, eventually.  Aaaand just in case it doesn’t, I pledge to be part of the solution, and not the problem.  I will do this for my littles especially so that they KNOW that they have every right and freedom available to them, to live in this great country and that they are empowered, confident and not afraid to have an opinion, that their “voto es su voz” even if it does not resonate with any movement.

Si Se Puede, Mil Veces, Si Se Puede.




4 thoughts on “Elections 2016: Hopeful or Hopeless?

  1. Thanks, I will never give up, but I will need time to look up. I have not been this devastated since my dad died.

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  2. Carmen,that innerchingona post was so powerfulI feel the same way you doyou need to watch the view show 11-9-2016 whoopeesaid some really good things about what Van Jones said todaybeing white washed in our own countrywhoopee said, we all still have to get-up and go to work, put food on the tableand continue on. I love to watch whoppie she makes thing very clear, no beating around the bush  

    it is a somber day for me too,you are not alone, but I feel  that the election was not a good one, to much personal issues being thrown back and forth, and picking on hillarys personal life was very distastefull, DT has no class, I heard from Octivia Spenser the actress form the movie  THE HELP  I sent this to her,  DT is a man with No class, he has created racial hatered and saying hatefull ugly things about women about their looks, DT is a Bully, and he is speeching about things that were happening durning the civil rights movement, he was demeaning Mexicans, who do you thinks cleans his hotels and homes, who does his construction jobs at a lower cost, because he uses cheap labors to work, who is manufacturing his clothing and products line and his daughters, cheap labor in china, he is a two sided asshole, he makes me sicklet see what he is gonna do for this country, I hope he messes up so the public that did not vote for him, and this whoppie said “there is always the  impeachment process, we will see thank you familia sister

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    WordPress.com | ctorres716 posted: “Woke up. The sun is shining. The world did not end. Disappointed? Yes. Devastated? No. Hopeless.  No.  Hopeful.  Yes, especially for our lil ones.  Our history shows us that nothing worth changing comes easy. Determined? More than ever. Justice, fairnes” | |

  3. awesome piece hermana!! it’s venues such as this one that will allow ALL voices to b heard. all that we’re experiencing today is NOTHING new; folks with most of the access to “resource” will not hand it over to anyone or for any reason–there will b a fight every step of the way!! a “privileged position,” i’m sure, can be extremely addictive so it will have to be taken for the sake of sharing parts of the “pastel.”

    anyhoo, we keep doen what we do (know the laws; document as warranted; fight to retain basic human/civil rights; and keep doen what we do–living, loving and gettin’ paid!). i’m with u about our “littles” (i like that…); we do for them as well as ourselves. we “do” cuz iss the right thang to do! we “do” cuz the alternative is to become fearful and apathetic and that is not living. to quote some historical homeboi, think it was emiliano, “i’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees” or something close to that. remember ortiz’s class? think i got that from his wonderful class on “chicano history.”

    bueno man, k Dios te bendiga y emailiamos de nuevo!! bros4life!! jorge.

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