The Power Of Writing: OMG Dad is finding his Inner Chingona


Dad and I have spent all week thrown down sick at this house. All it has been is puro coughing and misery. For the past few days, neither of us had the energy or desire to do anything.   One of things I’ve started to notice is, that lately, Dad and I have the same tastes on lots of things, including writing.  I took these pics of us a couple of weeks ago, he was writing in one room, and I was writing in another. OMG Dad is finding his Inner Chingona!




Dad’s been wanting to write his life story and for YEARS, he had been using his typewriter, yes, a typewriter. Well, yesterday, he decides that he’s going to use his laptop to put his story down so that I could review and edit it later. It was transforming. Dad was INTO it, into using the mouse, into learning the keyboard, into putting his thoughts down, sitting down at the table, happy, into it. As it was, after all, the middle of the night, I went in to check on him and almost told him to go to bed and then I stopped myself. I stopped myself when I saw his face deep in thought, eyes glued to the keyboard, I saw “it”. When one is in the I “have” to write mode. Where one is in that zone of pure creativity, on it, focused, working it. Where your fingers are working completely in synch with your mind and where your work is at its most authentic. Maybe when this creative surge is over and we review his work later, we will find that some things may need to be revised or removed, but there is usually always SOMETHING salvageable from creative surges of writing. Therefore, it was very important for me to let him be, to let him finish his train of thought.

I know this feeling well and, for many years, I would suppress my love of writing as something boring or something that people with no lives do. Once I got to that space where I decided it was time to embrace writing, I started making more and more time for it. Now writing is a permanent part of me, an expansion of my voice, much more than a hobby. I think to myself with a lil bit of sadness, “how long did Dad want to write and dismissed it? I also think about Mama and about people no longer with us who left without doing the things that they wanted to do, things that would have made them feel more whole, things that would make them happier.

So now it’s all about me embracing the fact that Dad “needs” his writing as much as I do, maybe more than I do, he’s 81 years young, and he wants to get so much out on paper.   Making things easier for him will be what I am supposed to do, help him work the laptop, teach him Word so that he can save things easier, showing him that the computer is nothing to be afraid of.  I think that it’s fun to be able to share something with my father.



2 thoughts on “The Power Of Writing: OMG Dad is finding his Inner Chingona

  1. that is soooooo AWESOME carmen; to see ur papi still contributing; still engaged with his life and most importantly, his inner thoughts. as an outside person, who has had limited expression of creativity throughout life, what mr. torres is doen is not surprising to me.

    i remember him being actively involved with the church; with bringing energy and amazing music to all of us in attendance–what a gift to all of us AND it made church “feel” more like home; like our kitchen with musica mexicana. what he did with that one act for the congregants would have been more than enough in terms of one’s contributions in life. but he did more; he shared his knowledg of creativity with all his his children and anyone else who expressed sincere interest.

    so does him writing surprise me? not at all; he creates; he acts on his life and it makes perfectly good sense that ya, como senor grande, he would continue to create; to contribute. so glad ur there with him; that ur discovering how ur souls share similar ideas/approaches/world views. he’s giving u a gift carmen and ur enjoying this time with him fully—smart.

    bueno mana, gotta go. God bless y k sigas disfrutando de tu dia. and yes, 2017 will be an awesome year of challenge and battle and joy and discovery. why? cuz the alternative(s) DO NOT support life and if we ain’t livin’, then what’s point? como dice mi viejo when he sees folks (me included) doen “knuckle-headedness” stuff—“tan pendejos!!” so reminds me of my mom when he does this, but she’d say “tan safados!” ahhh, the gifts our elders leave with us—totally diggit. keep enjoying the gifts ur papi continues to share with u. abrazo fuerte, jorge.

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