About Carmen:

I love my work as a Marketing & Event Professional and as a Blogger.  Carmen’s Blog gives me the opportunity to celebrate those individuals, situations, events and things which fascinate, excite, and motive me to channel my “Inner Chingona” and move forward!  Very important to me is my awesome familia, amigos, fam friends, books musica, writing, my studies, relationships and empowerment via Inner Chingona.

Writing always allows me to create that ever-important starting point where I put the basic idea down as I move toward completion of a goal or a story.   I’m always amazed how writing has always filled me with a positive energy, has brought my power back when it was lost, and allows me conquer, even a small part, of my world.

I also invite you to check out “La Cadenita” – my blog that celebrates ‘La Radio’ and where I can talk about things that go down in radio and give readers a chance to learn about some of the fabulous people that I’ve had the pleasure to work with during my career.

It’s always fun to receive your feedback to what you read about in ‘Carmen’s Blog: Unleashing Your Inner Chingona’, if you like what you read on this blog, please ‘follow’ or subscribe!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Carmen,

    I am contacting you in reference to a photo located on this post https://ctorres716.wordpress.com/tag/share-your-nightmares/

    The second to the last photo of the itching hands is property of myself, Robert Tuttle, and Odd Random Thoughts http://oddrandomthoughts.com

    I am requesting that you please remove this photo from any pages it may be on within your website, as you have not requested any rights for use.

    It is against The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 to use someone’s digital media without their consent. There are a lot of great creative commons photos available on the web that you can use without a license.

    Please comply with the removal of this photo from your website.

    Best Regards,
    Robert Tuttle

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