Radio Presets Move Inner Chingona Forward


For well over a year, life happened to me so I had not really listened to a radio station aside from talk radio or Catholic radio…all the more amazing because, working in radio, we radio peeps tend to listen more than regular folks. Ask anyone in radio, every single radio space on the dial is usually completely preset and you better know that all we do is punch the preset buttons constantly. I always have to tell folks in the car what I’m doing, that it’s “work” or “research” or “monitoring” so that I don’t completely drive passengers insane with the constant changes of station.

Ask any radio person what they are listening for…every person listens for a different reason LOL. The Marketing and Sales side of me listens for the promotions – what are they giving away, how can people win, what concerts are they exclusive for, what are their upcoming big events, are my clients’ commercials running right? Are they running at the right time? Is there a competing client/business running right before or after? It’s madness for sure and attention to this madness will indicate whether all is well or whether I will be laying over a serious “lumbre” (fire) shortly!

So on this morning’s drive, I finally got tired of hearing talk radio or no radio at all and started listening to regular music radio in both English and Spanish. Out of pure instinct, I started punching the ‘preset’ buttons and, within minutes, all of my preferred stations are preset. As I continued driving, strangely, I started to relax and breathe easier if you can believe THAT! I felt as if a fog had been lifting over my body, I started to feel connected to the world and, dare I say it? Motivated. Motivated to do what? I do not know yet.

The way I see it, I’ve got a bunch of ‘presets’ to push, to find which station I stay with the longest without punching the next button, to figure out what it is that I want to do next. Will I be speaking or writing in English? Spanish? Spanglish? I’ll keep pressing until I find what it is that inspires and motivates me, this is the ONLY non-negotiable for my future: to support projects and people who inspire, empower, and motivate me.

It’s never too late to start over, to do precisely that thing that scares you, to do the right thing, to take care of yourself, to listen to YOUR Inner Chingona, to make your own set of preset buttons for your life! Work it today!


This writer on her work

Sometimes our voices must be heard, no matter how it comes out. I like this cleverly written blog entry…most def, Inner Chingona approved reading material on Writing. #VanessaMartir’sBlog

Vanessa Mártir's Blog

Years ago, an ex (the drug dealer I dated while a student at Columbia University) told me “You ain’t goin’ out” when he overheard me talking to a friend on the phone about our plans for the weekend. I was folding our freshly washed laundry on our bed. Clothes that I’d sorted, carried down four flights of stairs, washed, dried, bagged and carried up those four flights by myself.

He sprayed himself with his Dolce and Gabbana cologne and glared at me, “You heard me, right?” I stared back at him, poker faced. He walked out without another word.

I hadn’t planned on going out. I wanted to stay home to spend time with him, or at least that was the plan until he ran his mouth. That Friday night, I made dinner then dressed up extra cute in jeans, crop top, Kangol and pumps. I made a show of…

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Cool Iron = Hierro Chulo

WHO thinks up these translations?

Mi blog es tu blog


There are only a few things that need absolutely no explanation to make it to this blog. This is one of them.

Whoever was responsible for finding the proper Spanish-language translation of “Cool Iron” and came up with THIS, deserves nothing but my most humble admiration -and an open invitation to a Happy Hour in New York City, at a bar of his/her choice.

(Oh, and don’t get me started on “Mano se lava” and “No caiga”)

Photo: Eperiensense, via @tropicarlitos 

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Do-it-Yourself Lotería Ornaments

GREAT idea!


Do-it-yourself Mexican Bingo Lotería Ornaments

As a member of Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network I received gift cards from Lowe’s in order to purchase supplies to complete projects. All opinions are my own.

Each year we decorate the tree and each year I’m not content with the ornaments I have to choose from or the ones available at the store. None of the ornaments are quite what I’m looking for which means I end up looking for unconventional ways to remedy the situation. One year I even ended up hanging capiruchos on the tree!

This year I decided I’ll make my own ornaments. Because the holiday season is so hectic, I wanted something that wouldn’t take too long, and because the budget is tight this time of year, I didn’t want it to be too expensive either. Here is the craft that resulted!

These Loteria ornaments took me about two hours from start to finish and…

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Bad Day + Nature = The Great Equalizer

Ever have a day when NOTHING goes right?   A couple of days ago, I had one of those days…I was completely off of my game and did something that I  r-a-r-e-l-y do:  I brought in my personal baggage into the professional world…hurt and angry with certain individuals and mad at the world attitude caused me to completely take it out on an innocent bystander.  Thank God I had the good sense to apologize to this person after which I immediately stepped away and went to walk Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland.

A friend took me to walk Lake Merritt for the first time ever when I was having a bad night and, if you’ve ever walked it, you will know that you have to walk it ALL because it’s huge and once you get halfway thru it, it’s easier to just finish because turning back is about the same distance LOL

What I noticed was that about halfway thru the walk, a good part of my rage was gone, and when I finally got to the car, I knew that my day was going to be better.    I kind of started laughing because it is so true that being out in a beautiful setting near the water and amongst nature almost always does the trick for me…

Love this pic of the full moon over Lake Merritt that I took…try taking advantage of being out and about nature…costs nothing and gives you everything!

Happy 2012 y Mil Gracias!

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for checking out ‘CARMEN’S BLOG’ and ‘LA CADENITA’ during 2011! I always sit back and think as I write, “who would read this? why would they read it? how will they like it?” This hesitation lasts for a split second because, not only do I write for you, I totally write for myself because I “have” to! Some days or nights, I may be tired or grouchy or really busy, and then the inspiration hits, the words pour out of me and there I go – typing about as fast as I think and talk — ya’ll know how FAST that is!

Things that inspire me? Familia, cultura, radio, Famfriends, musica, books, and finding the fun in life. Not only has this blog allowed me to immerse myself (and you) in the things that interest me … it has also helped me tremendously to set and try to fulfill my personal and professional goals – I’m always floored when I look back thru past blog entries to find that, yes, I have completed another goal.

I actually got a report about my blog page and LOOOVE it that quite a few of you find my page fun … so now I start 2012 with a new set of goals, a bunch of new events to talk about in the familia, famfriends to celebrate, always new things to talk about in radio and cultura, and bringing you more chisme chapters of ‘La Cadenita’!

But FIRST, I must get myself in gear as I take the State Interpreter Oral Exam on January 12th at 4pm. I didn’t pass it the first time so it is ON to do my very best so that, by March 31st, when I receive my results letter, it will say “Congratulations!” Hope your 2012 brings you more good days than bad and thanks very much for taking time out of your life to let me in – even for a minute! Feliz 2012!

Job Please…

Trying not to get too anxious about lack of employment … it is now full-on holiday season and I have never not had a job during the holidays — however, I know what the attitude at work is about now — everyone is in ‘holiday mode’ and not really concentrating on getting back to me about employment opportunities!  Aaay…all I have to keep doing is keep the faith and keep living life so that I don’t get too down about it!   It would be great to be gainfully employed by the end of January so I’ll continue working toward that goal and see what God thinks about my plan 🙂

Bienvenidos Welcome!

I’ve only been saying for months, weeks, days, and hours that I needed to start a blog…the best way for me to keep track of family events, friends, and things that interest me like books, music, radio, politics, etc.   Hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to your comments and suggestions!   Como a mi me gusta escribir tanto en espanol que en ingles, podras encontrar info en ambos idiomas… If you like the page, subscribe to it!