El Mejor Grito Mexicano Revisited!

My little papito has, lately, been very into doing ‘gritos mexicanos’ and he doesn’t do a bad job of it … I’ve already told him that he has to paricipate in our annual New Year’s Eve Grito Contest … this godchild of mine has no fear and, like his nina, loves a microphone! ┬áSo I’m reblogging this entry from a couple of years ago so that Papito’s Mom can show him how gritos are done ­čÖé

I just KNOW that this little one is going to get it right!  Then again, what else would Nina Carmen say about Papito?

Throwing un grito mexicano is one of the ultimate simple pleasures … costs nothing to do and is always a crowd pleaser! Even the ones who can’t make their grito happen can make a contest fun! People can yell con o sin licor, whether you speak Spanish or English, sin musica o no, inside or outdoors, in cantinas, yardas, garages, cars or at home. I have been here LAUGHING a solas putting this together and thinking about the many Grito Contests I have put together so I know a thing or two about who belts out a good grito and who doesn’t…I am still trying to learn how to do a good grito mexicano myself and am not there yet!

Gritos: Doesn’t any more Mexican than that! My next step is going to get people I actually know like you-all to get your grito on and up on my blog…. Let me know which grito takes everybody OUT…have fun!


Here’s #1: Gritando en la yarda

Here’s #2: Contest in a cantina

Contestant #3: In a casino with mariachi

Contestant #4: Gritos en el garaje

Contestant #5: Gritos at a hall/salon

Contestant #6: Bebito in Training

Contestant #7: Con trago en la mano

Contestant #8 Brazilenos doing gritos while driving

Contestant #9 Los 3 Compas

Contestant #10 Compa doing his grito in yet another bar