Celebrating Salsa Made with Love: HB FamFriend Anita Campos

Anyone who really knows me KNOWS that I consider Salsa part of my 4 Major Food Groups — if I have no chips, no worries, saco una cuchara I’ll take out a spoon! I’ll eat any kind, green, red, hot, mild and even have a jar of what I call ‘desperation salsa’ in the fridge — store brand mild casi ketchup salsa for when I don’t have the ingredients in house to make anything fresh. I’ve been trying to figure out for years how to make a good salsa and I’m, slowly but surely, getting there. Except my salsa is too hot for the average palate — if the recipe says, put in a couple of chiles in and take the seeds out, I usually just throw in a bunch of chiles, seeds and all, and make adjustments accordingly. Just like that taste of fire I guess!

I have been told by my many friends who CAN cook that, often, the main ingredient to a savory dish is to make it with love. I can attest to the truth of that — when I cook for myself, the food never comes out as good as when I’m cooking for my familia! And it’s difficult to go wrong when someone makes salsa with love! Today I celebrate one of my fam friends who does JUST that for me. Happy Birthday ANITA CAMPOS! A couple of times of year, she sends homemade salsa to me via her daughter Rebecca! Quiero que sepas Anita that I usually eat it all in one day and, no, I share with no one!

I asked Rebecca to be my co-author for today’s blog entry:

MOM Anita Campos was born in Farmersville, CA to Ted and Nellie in their farmhouse. Anita has been an amazing mother to me and David and have provided us with life, traveling, and educational opportunities. Anita is a Community Activist from way back, from protesting at her local Safeway in Campbell, CA to boycott grapes to serving on the Comission of the Status of Women in Santa Clara County. Anita and her husband Daniel were also invited to a White House State Dinner in 1968 because of their community involvement.

To this day, Anita remains active in St. Lucy’s Parish Council in Campbell and was instrumental in getting a Spanish Mass for the community, she still works it every day for Peak Travel in Willow Glen. While she was widowed at 60, Anita picked up the pieces of her life and is the family matriarch and pillar of inspiration to lots of nieces and nephews. Now at 80, she still walks the dog every day and also joined a gym. Mom has always been a great supporter of the radio familia and understands the lunacy of it all! Thanks Rebecca for helping put today’s blog post together.

Have a great birthday Anita and I would say that it’s been a few months since I’ve received salsa from you … so get the jar to Rebecca, no chips required, just a limon and a cuchara!